Okay, so after looking at the polls and the comments you guys have left me, I've decided to compromise and put both chapter links and the entire story into 1 page. It'll take a bit of time before the rest of the books are condensed into 1 page, but I'll try to do them ASAP.


Thursday, 27 January 2011


*Disclaimer note: This is merely a translation of the original Chinese version. I do not claim any part in the creation of the original story.

I am a knight. To be more precise, I am the Church of the God of Light's Sun Knight.

The Church of the God of Light worships and serves the God of Light and is also one of the three largest religions on this continent.

As the whole continent knows, the Church of the God of Light has twelve holy knights, and every one of those holy knights has his own distinct personality and features.

The Sun Knight has to have shining golden hair, sky blue eyes, a compassionate nature, and a brilliant smile.
"The benevolent God of Light will forgive your sins."

During my time as the Sun Knight, I must have said that phrase at least a million times.

However, my greatest wish in life is to roar in front of the entire continent, "Damn your 'the whole continent knows', this Sun Knight just doesn't want to smile! I just don't want to forgive those human trashes! I just want to pepper my sentences with 'f***!'"

Unfortunately, even to this day, I still wear a smile on my face and continue to say, "The benevolent God of Light will forgive your sins."



  1. Thank You So Much For Posting All This. You Are A Wonderful Person.

  2. Indeed, wonderful doesn't begin to describe how good you are.

  3. Thank you For these Translations.

  4. These Translations are FANtastic!!!
    Plase make more.
    LEGEND OF SUN KNIGHT is so funny, I can't stop laughing!


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