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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Book 2: Duty 6 – The Sun Knight’s Sixth Duty: “Attend various functions and ceremonies”

*Disclaimer note: This is merely a translation of the original Chinese version. I do not claim any part in the creation of the original story.


After a night out drinking with Roland, I learned something new…… Death knights can also get drunk.

Although, it was fortunate that he had gotten drunk, or else I wouldn't have been able to pay off the tab by allowing the bar's female owner and all the waitresses to grope him.

I never knew Bottled Intoxication was so expensive!

I had nearly fainted at the bill. Thank goodness I had left without paying earlier in the afternoon.

We had stayed at the pub drinking way into the night, and after letting the bar owner and waitresses grope Roland to their heart's content, I had to drag a drunken corpse back to Pink's house. So by the time I came back to the Holy Temple, it was already the next morning.

Upon stepping foot into the Holy Temple, I wasn't even able to return to my room to catch a few winks of sleep when Storm had stopped me. "You have a guest," he said mysteriously, giving me a wink.

A guest? And what's with Storm's weird tone? As if he'd caught me sneaking off to meet with a secret lover…… 'Don't misunderstand me! I had merely sneaked off to drink, and it was a corpse accompanying me, not my secret lover!'

Even though I was filled with questions, I kept my smile up and asked, "May this Sun ask my brother Storm, in which visitors' hall is this guest awaiting?"

Storm shook his head and said, "How can she be waiting in the visitors' halls?!"

"Not in the visitors' halls?" I couldn't help showing my bewilderment.

Storm seemed very satisfied to see me with an expression other than my smile, for he gave a wave and said, "Follow me."

Before long, we reached a rather secluded prayers hall. Originally, this place was reserved for the holy knights who have come to pray in peace and quiet. However, I was fully aware that more often than not this place had become a place for noisy mealtimes for the rowdy knights.

The moment I entered the room and saw my guest, I understood why she would never have waited for me in the visitors' halls. The visitors' halls are open to the public, whilst this person is not someone who would carelessly show themselves to the public.

The royal family's only Princess!

I couldn't help but be impressed with her swift actions, for it was only yesterday that I had discussed the issue with Elliot, and now the very next morning she had immediately come to speak with me. I turned to Storm and said, "Brother Storm, could you please give us a little privacy?"

Storm left reluctantly, his face filled with unrelenting curiosity.

"Elliot has told me of your plans, but I refuse to work with you." The Princess declared, getting directly to the point whilst looking at me scornfully. "You must think that my brother is uncaring of my wishes and is forcing me to marry the Son of War, but let me tell you that you are wrong! My brother had previously discussed it with me and I had agreed to it. As the royal princess, sacrificing myself for the royal family is my duty!"

"I think we must have a little misunderstanding here, Your Highness." I said whilst maintaining my smile. "Please understand that no matter what happens, I will never lift a hand to harm the Hell Knight. I have sworn to the God of Light that I will always protect every one of my holy knight brothers."

Upon hearing that, the Princess seemed surprised as she looked at me doubtfully, disbelieving my words.

"However, while I might not harm him, the Pope does not think of the holy knights as his brothers. He will not spare anyone who threatens the Church of Light. And as you should know, I'm not on the best of relations with the Pope. His Eminence will not stay his hand because of me. As I cannot stay by Elliot's side twenty-four hours, once you've left to marry the Son of War, who's going to protect Elliot?"

The Princess paled at my words, her earlier determination wavering.

Judging from the situation, I knew I had a chance of persuading her to agreeing to my plan. Even if she were willing to sacrifice herself, I do not believe that she could bear to sacrifice her own beloved lover.

The Princess hesitated for quite some time when she suddenly turned to me furiously. "You actually dared to threaten me with Elliot! You are no representative of the God of Light; you are the very definition of the shameless and the despicable! Brother Sun was right about you!"

'Brother Sun? Ah, the Princess must be talking about my teacher.' My teacher has always been on rather good terms with the royal family, that's why the Princess would call him Brother Sun. Although considering the difference in their age, she should be calling him Uncle instead, but my teacher had always disliked being called anything older than 'brother'……

I asked hesitatingly, "What did my teacher say about me?"

The Princess shot me an icy look and began recounting her conversation with my teacher.


"What kind of person is my student? Hmm, well, I guess you could say that generally speaking he's a nice guy…… as long as you don't go up against him."

"And what if someone does go up against him?"

"Well, you would still think he is a nice guy. But you would start wondering why you seem to be really unlucky recently. When trying to get something done all sorts of problems would crop up around you, when drinking cold soup you would get scalded, when eating porridge you would choke on a bone, when walking along the palace hallways you would step on dog shit……"

"But how can anyone get scalded by cold soup? Whence came the bone when bones aren't even used in porridges? And how could there be dog shit in the clean palace hallways?"

"That's why I say that my student is 'generally speaking' a nice person, as long as you don't go against him."


"You aren't the so-called perfect Sun Knight, but just a sneaky underhanded little creep! Even your teacher thinks so," the Princess said angrily.

'Teacher! Your examples are too poor! If it were me I would never do something so obvious as to use cold soup to scald people! It's too noticeable!'

I frowned and explained to the Princess, "Your Highness, you can believe that I have my own personal stake in this, but do you really think that I do not honestly wish for the Hell Knight to find a happy ending with his beloved Princess?"

The Princess looked at me indifferently and said mockingly, "You don't actually think I would believe that you have Elliot's well-being in mind, do you?"

I gave a cold laugh and said, "Elliot may be one of the Twelve Holy Knights, but this secret identity of his must never be revealed. Therefore, he is only an ordinary royal knight. And as you are well aware of, it is almost impossible to overcome the hurdles of allowing the Princess of a country to marry a mere royal knight."

I then continued sarcastically, "To be honest, it would probably be easier if I were to battle the Son of War for your hand in marriage than to get you to marry a royal knight! No matter what you might say, I am the head of the Holy Temple and the representative of the God of Light."

At this the Princess started frowning, her lips pursed in anger and worry.

"And if I were to win, not only would I be elevated to the status of a noble, should the Crown Prince fail to beget an heir, my child would have a very high chance of getting the throne. What would I have against it? I, who am 'generally speaking' a nice guy, would actually give away this opportunity to Elliot after cracking my head over this for so long?"

In a move that was partly acting and partly real, I turned my head away in an upset huff, while secretly glancing at the Princess from the corner of my eyes.

She was silent for some time, her face showing clearly her doubt. When she was unable to find an answer to my questions, she finally turned to me, her voice softened from her previously hard tone, as she asked, "then why would you want to help us? After all, have we not obviously gone up against you?"

I immediately rebutted her. "'No, you have never gone against me! Elliot might not wish to continue as the Hell Knight, but he never actually harmed the Holy Temple, and whilst Your Highness might have agreed to marry the Son of War, that was merely because you were going along with the His Highness the Crown Prince's plans. With the royal family's reputation at an all-time low and the Church's rising popularity, as the next King it's understandable that he would want to try and regain the royal family's previous standing, so I do not consider him to be going against me either."

After hearing all this, the Princess looked even more confused. She no longer looked like an arrogant princess and more like a lost little girl. I smiled at her humorously and said, "You may have understood my teacher's hints not to go against me, but you forgot to ask him what I would consider going against me."

"And what would you consider going against you?"

When I didn't answer her, the Princess actually said coquettishly, "Come on, tell me! Only after you've told me can I avoid going against you, you know."

A Princess older than me acting so gave me the shivers, but as I thought about it, it seems that there is a prime example of someone going against me.

I gave a cold laugh and said, "Alright, I'll give you an example. Recently there's been this bastard who tried to kill my vice-captain, and is trying to steal one of my brother's woman, totally disregarding this Sun Knight. I swear that if I don't let him suffer some payback, my name is not Creus Sun!"


The Crown Prince is indeed worthy of admiration. Even for his long awaited coronation, he had showed no intention of upgrading the decorations of the royal palace.

Even though today is the new king's coronation, the palace had not undergone any changes or decorations, and only the observant would notice that the red carpets had been changed…… or were they merely washed?

It was rumoured that the Minister of Ceremonies had even approach the new king to advice (lecture) him, but the new king had merely rebutted him with a softly spoken "My father has already redecorated the royal palace several times, it is already quite lavish enough."

No wonder the Princess was so willing to marry someone she did not love, for if her brother was willing to be so selfless, how could she refuse him and say that she already had a lover and that she did not wish to marry the Son of War?

It probably didn't hurt that the Son of War wasn't actually that bad looking. When I finally caught my first look of him at the ceremony, I was annoyed to find that that guy standing opposite me, who was not too bad looking, was actually the Son of War. As the head of warriors, I had imagined him to be a tall man with bulging muscles, messy hair and scruffy looking…… but I have to admit that it couldn't be further from the truth.

He was tall and muscular, but they weren't the exaggerated muscles I had imagined. From the way he walked with light and sure steps, one could tell that this guy definitely does not depend solely on brute strength, that his speed and agility are pretty good too. And with that head of wavy black hair, he looked like a stalking panther; beautiful, sleek and deadly. No wonder then that Adair had lost to him, and nearly lost his life too.

And from the way the ladies around the ceremonial hall were stealing peeks at him, he was obviously popular with the women too…… The Crown Prince had probably sincerely believed that the Son of War would be a good match for his sister, before deciding to allow his sister to marry him. But of course, he had no idea that his sister already had a lover whom she loved with all her heart.

But back to the coronation ceremony. Although the ceremonial hall was not very lavishly decorated, it was still a very solemn and stately room. And what was most important was that the whole country was actually looking forward to his coronation, as his ascension would also mean that someone would finally be stepping down from the throne.

When the King handed over his crown to the Pope, and the Pope carefully placed the crown onto the Crown Prince's head, declaring him the new king of Forgotten Echo, there was no small number of people who had released a breath of relief.

I didn't know whether to celebrate or to mourn this occasion, for even though that piggy king's conduct was poor at best and horrifying at worst, it is easier to deal with the stupid pig king than to deal with the tiger-disguised as-a-pig king.

Sigh… looks like the easy days of dealing with the 'real pig' are over. From now on I would have to carefully tread my way around the 'fake pig'. I can only hope that I do not get eaten alive by the tiger……

As I was mourning the past days of my easy life, the dignitaries from the various countries had been approaching the King with their coronation gifts. A jewel studded dressing mirror, a complete set of expensive diamond jewellery, a jewel encrusted sword……

To be honest, while all these gifts are very expensive for sure, none of them are really priceless treasures. In fact, the gifts presented to the previous pig king on his birthday were even more impressive than these gifts. This isn't because the other countries were being stingy. Oh no, as this concerns a country's reputation, one cannot afford to be stingy in matters such as these.

The problem was that the time between the announcement of the new king's coronation and the coronation itself was too short! The countries had scrambled to find the best gifts possible but with such short notice they could only offer gifts such as jewel encrusted gold ornaments and the like……

Hmmm… if the king were to pluck the jewels off and melt down the gold, they could be recast into gold bars and sold off! No one would even notice anything.

'Crown Prince…… Ah, no! Its fake pig king now, you are simply too amazing. If we weren't on opposing sides as we are now, I would have bowed down to you to show my respect for your pulling out all the stops in your schemes to get more money. Once I've told the Pope about this, I'm sure that he too would be most impressed, and perhaps even wish to become sworn brothers with you.'

At this moment, the Son of War gestured to the warriors standing behind him, and immediately two warriors stepped forward, carrying the Church of War's coronation gifts with them and placing it before the king.

It was a shield. If one were to raise it to shield one's self from attackers, I guarantee you that no one would be able to hit it…… And if there is someone who could bear to hit a jewel encrusted gold shield, I would be the first to kill this wasteful fellow. You should know that if one were to damage even the smallest of the jewels on the shield, not even my entire salary from now (24 years old) till my fortieth birthday would be enough to pay for the damage!

The king nodded his head in appreciation, his eyes reflecting the jewels as they glinted in the light, his smile widening.

Upon seeing this, the Son of War proudly said, "This shield was crafted with the co-operation of an army of mages, jewellery smiths and goldsmiths, working together to create this marvel of art. The jewel in the centre of the shield has the emblem of Forgotten Echo carved onto it, while the surrounding circle of jewels has a mage's spell carved into them, shielding the bearer of the shield from any magical attacks. Furthermore, its defence is one of the best; even taking an axe to it would not leave a single scratch!"

Upon hearing this, the crowd in the hall started murmuring, for this gift was unarguably the most impressive of all the gifts presented today.

But inside I was secretly laughing. I bet the fake pig king would rather throw his own trusted knights in front of him than to use the shield and potentially scratch it.

"Put it away carefully," the king said to the attendants standing beside him. This was the first time he'd said anything since he started receiving the coronation gifts.

The Son of War looked on in satisfaction as the attendants carefully kept away the shield, before turning to look at me, a challenge in his eyes. "The Church of War has paid their respects to His Majesty the King. I am curious as to what the Church of Light is going to present to His Majesty?"

I stepped forward from my place amongst the Twelve Holy Knights and walked towards him on the red carpet, stopping when we were only two feet apart. I then took out a beaded bracelet. The bracelet was made from golden transparent glass beads in the shape of small roses and a single large rose in the middle. While delicately beautiful, the bracelet looked far from expensive.

I bowed to the King before saying sincerely, "This Sun has not many worldly possessions, but presents this flower bracelet-blessed by the God of Light and personally imbued by this Sun with holy light."

The King gave a polite smile and nodded, but the Son of War gave a derisive laugh while the other guests frowned, for this gift seemed to be a rather poor gift and hardly befitting a King's coronation gift.

Just then, I added, "With blessings from the God of Light, may His Majesty know only of good health for the rest of his long and prosperous life. However, should His Majesty ever suffer from an injury, he may break one of the small roses and receive the God of Light's blessings. Its effects are equal to a high level healing spell. The largest rose in the centre, however, will give His Majesty blessings equal to an Absolute Healing Spell."

Upon hearing my explanation, the King couldn't hide the pleased look on his face, and after speaking a few words with one of his trusted knights, the knight stepped forward to take the rose bracelet from me and hand it to the King. After taking a good look at it the King immediately put it on, completely ignoring the Son of War's scowling face.

I had to smile at this. 'Even though it was a gift from me, the King had still loved it,' I thought triumphantly.

After all, the one thing most feared by those in power is assassination attempts.

But with this bracelet, it would be the equivalent of carrying around a priest capable of casting eighteen high levelled healing spells and one Absolute Healing Spell (there are eighteen small roses and one large rose). And what's more, this priest could never be bribed by the enemy, nor is it a vulnerable priest-often the first to be killed by the enemy. So how can he not love this precious life-saving bracelet?

And besides, this life-saving bracelet cannot be created by any ordinary priest!

To make one of the small roses, thirty high levelled healing spells have to be cast one after another on it. As for the large rose… well……

I wasn't being stingy when I only gave the King one of them, for I had only managed to make that one large rose.

Even I who am overflowing with holy light can only cast at most ten or so high level healing spells. This bracelet had taken me a whole month to create…… 'Oh, the lengths to which I go to just to pocket the coronation gift money given by the Pope! But it's all for the sake of my retirement!'

"Captain Sun Knight!"

At this moment, a holy knight jogged over to me and reported in a low voice, "There are several necromancers rioting around the city with undead creatures."

I maintained my smile as I listened to his report, all the while looking at the Son of War standing opposite me and smiling at me gleefully…… 'You damn bastard! You dare to try to pull this trick?!'

I refuse to believe that any necromancer other than Pink-who is specially contracted by the Holy Temple-would dare to cause trouble in the city of the Church of Light's headquarters. It's not as if they feel like they have too many undead creatures and are feeling generous enough to donate a few for the Church of Light's priests and holy knights to practice on.

This is definitely the work of the Church of War!

As the whole land knows, I hate undead creatures the most, and that if an undead creature were to appear I would definitely ask to be dismissed to deal with it. And in my absence, the Church of War would then take the opportunity to ask for the Princess' hand in marriage, as well as try to garner the support of the nobles.

My expression turned severe as I said, "Necromancers actually dared to bring the undead into the city blessed and protected by the God of Light? How terrible! Listen up, give the orders to my Sun Knight Division to deal with those unblessed undead creatures. I have been thinking that they have been growing lax in their training and should step it up to ensure that they have the sufficient skills to protect this city."

"Yes, sir." The holy knight answered, and after giving me a salute he left quickly to carry out my orders.

At that moment, the Son of War opened his mouth and slowly said, "Sun Knight, the undead have appeared on such an important and auspicious day; don't you think you should look to it personally?"

I replied him in a confident tone, "Please do not worry, your grace. Today is the day of His Majesty the King's coronation ceremony, a day blessed by the God of Light. Those unblessed necromancers have not a single hope of succeeding in whatever nefarious plans they might have. I assure you that my Sun Knight Division is more than capable of defeating them. "

Heh, what's there to be worried about?

The Church of War is not at all experienced in dealing with the undead. I doubt they would dare to involve the truly powerful necromancers in their plans. Moreover, those truly powerful necromancers would never bother to get involved in affairs such as these…… If it were Pink, she probably would agree to their schemes, but necromancers like Pink are far and few between.

Besides, I am confident that this plan to let the undead run amok in the city was planned solely by the Church of War, and that the King had had no part in it.

This is because Forgotten Echo is a country which has always followed the Religion of the Light God. As such, the people are extremely unsympathetic to the undead and dark aura. Chances are that this move has instead displeased the King, for he showed no inclination of opening his mouth to command me to deal with the undead myself. Looks like he's rather angry at them.

When the Son of War saw that he could not get rid of me, he gave up and turned to the King. He then said frankly, "Your Majesty, other than coming to congratulate you on your ascending the throne, there is one other reason for our presence here."

Right away, the King put on a look of curiosity and asked, "Oh? Speak your mind."

The Son of War's gaze drifted to the Princess as he said, "I have long heard tales of the Princess' beauty and intelligence, and have always admired her. When I beheld her for the first time today, I was struck by her beauty, and knew that the rumours of her beauty had been greatly understated. This has only strengthened my resolve to take such a wonderful lady as my wife."

Although the Son of War's marriage proposal was rather sudden and inappropriate, the Church of War's warriors have never been known to mince around with their words, so regardless of his rather uncouth proposal, no one really took offence.

At this moment, several warriors started bringing forward chests after chests. The Son of War opened the first chest and the hall was immediately filled with glitter. Inside, the chest was filled to the brim with gold and jewels. The Son of War then spoke up, "This is the betrothal gift for Her Highness."

At this, all the nobles turned to look at the King. After realising that the King was not displeased, they then understood that the King already had the intention of giving his sister's hand in marriage to the Son of War. Murmurs of congratulations started up, and there were even a few who started clapping loudly while shouting out blessings for the couple.

"Hold on a minute!" I shouted, surprising the guests into silence. I then knelt down, and in my most sincere voice I asked of the King, "This Sun, too, holds the Princess dear to my heart. It is my fervent hope that His Majesty would give this Sun an equal chance to pursue the Princess' hand in marriage."

The minute my request was out my mouth, all the guests in attendance exploded into an uproar, and even the King appeared stunned…… and not to mention the Twelve Holy Knights who were staring at me with wide eyes, each looking as if they had seen a ghost instead of the Sun Knight they all knew and love (or hate, in some cases).

Storm spoke up in a disbelieving voice, "How inconceivable. I always thought that Sun's first choice for the hand in marriage was the God of Light's statue!"

The Twelve Holy Knights all nodded their head in agreement with his statement, but as expected of my not friend-friend, Judge did not.

When he saw me glancing at him, Judge reached out and patted Frost's shoulders, raising an eyebrow as if to say, 'I thought your first choice would be Frost?'

Not waiting for the King's response, the Son of War turned to me and growled, "You bastard……"

The Duke of Ceylan who had been watching the proceedings so far quickly stepped forward and stopped the Son of War from saying anything that he might regret. After calming him down, the duke turned to me with a smile and asked, "Sun Knight, since you have the intention of pursuing Her Highness' hand in marriage, you must have prepared a betrothal gift?"

Hearing this, the Son of War's face brightened and he added gleefully, "If you haven't got a betrothal gift prepared, it would mean that you are only trying to cause a disturbance here!"

"As this Sun has said earlier, this Sun has little worldly possessions, and can only offer once more the God of Light's blessings to show my sincerity," I said as I took out another rose beads bracelet. However, this second bracelet wasn't created by me, for I did not have enough time to make both gifts. Instead, I had given the method of creating the rose beads to the Pope, and in exchange he would make me 108 of the rose beads as my teaching fee.

When the King saw the second bracelet his eyes had lit up, but still he pretended to deliberate on the matter before showing a reluctant expression. 'Hmph! In my opinion he's probably trying to think of a way to avoid marrying his sister to me, and yet still keep the bracelet!'

He gave a deep sigh (can't think of a way of keeping the bracelet huh?), turned to his sister and asked, "They are both fine young men, my sister, and they both seem to be sincere in their love for you. What say you to this?"

Now, according to the King's script, the Princess should hesitate for a few moments before demurely glancing at the Son of War……

But as the saying goes, 'man proposes, but God disposes'. The Princess' gaze remained firmly glued to her hands lying in her lap, and instead the royal knight standing behind her leapt out.

The royal knight-Elliot- bowed to the King while proclaiming loudly, "You majesty, I am the one who loves the Princess with all my heart! W-we are in love with each other!"

Upon hearing this, the crowd turned to look at the Princess. The Princess did not show any intention of denying his statement. To a well-born lady of her status, her silence would be equal to acknowledging his words.

The entire hall was in an uproar, for no one would have thought that the Princess, who had previously never received a single proposal, would suddenly be inundated with three all at once. What the hell is going on?

The King obviously did not foresee things going this way, for he just sat there looking stunned, before suddenly turning to glare at me.

'Your Majesty, you are far too shrewd…… But even though it is my fault, you needn't glare at me so obviously.' After showing my surprised look, I quickly arranged my expression to look at the King's glare with puzzlement, as if wondering what would cause him to glare at me so.

Seeing this, he hurriedly turned to look back at Elliot, a frown gracing his forehead.

The King's two trusted knights quickly stepped forward; the younger one who looked to be about thirty or so shouted at Eliot, "Elliot! Stop fooling around! The Princess is not someone you can hope to match with!"

Elliot ignored him and instead looked at the older knight, an expression of shame and guilt on his face, but even so he still gave the knight a pleading look. Upon seeing this, the older knight gave a sigh but he did not speak to lecture him.

At this moment, Storm neared me and whispered in my ear, "That older knight may not have been Elliot's official teacher, but he seems to be very fond of him and would often teach him many things. He could be considered half a teacher."

I nodded my head while trying to stop myself from smiling gleefully. 'Hahaha! I never knew about this, looks like Elliot's chances of winning has just increased significantly!'

"Who would have thought that Elliot would have the guts…… But then again, Sun actually having something going on with the Princess is even more surprising," said Storm with a sigh as he talked quietly with Leaf and Blaze. As they were some distance away, I had to strain my ears to hear him.

'Ho-hold on! Whoever said I had something going on with the Princess?!'

"No wonder I had heard from the Sun Division knights that Sun had forced Elliot to drink wine till he was stoned for no apparent reason. Now I see that it was a fight between rivals. And the Princess had secretly come looking for Sun the next day, most probably to explain things after having being caught two-timing them."

Storm had a look of content on his face as he revealed the ultimate gossip, while the other Twelve Holy Knight standing nearby all perked up their ears as they eavesdropped on the conversation.

'I see, so it isn't just my Sun Division knights who are gossipy…… it's the entire Holy Temple! And you call yourselves holy knights?! Why don't you just call yourselves the gossipy knights?!'

Whilst complaining about them in my mind, the King had asked sternly, "Sister, do you really like Elliot?"

In reply to his question the Princess nodded quietly. The King became silent again.

As his silence grew, his face grew darker and darker, and no one dared to speak a word for fear of worsening to situation. The entire hall elapsed into an awkward unbearable silence. Even the Son of War kept quiet despite his obvious confusion with the situation; he merely frowned as he looked between me and Elliot with an unfriendly look.

After the stiff silence had gone on for some time, I broke it by speaking slowly, "How about this, let us settle this dispute with our swords, as in accordance with the knight's code of honour."

'What? This sentence sounds familiar to you? Ahem!…… the dead have no intellectual rights!'

The Son of War's face immediately lit up at this and he immediately agreed, "This is a good idea, warriors use their swords to settle their disputes!"

'Duh!' I knew he would agree for he knew that I am not very good with the sword; and as a mere knight, Elliot had no blessings from the Gods. Also, in terms of jobs, Elliot is at a disadvantage. The warriors are good at one-on-one battles, while knights specialise in group battles. Everyone knew this.

"Then so be it!"

With that declaration, the King turned and left abruptly. Judging from his dark expression he was in a mighty fine temper.

I secretly smiled. 'Step one-complete.'

Just then, Leaf rushed towards me and patted my back comfortingly. "Don't feel too sad, Sun. There's plenty of fish out there in the sea. It doesn't matter if you can't marry the Princess."

"I'm on pretty good terms with Elliot; I'll ask him not to make things difficult for you," said Storm as he, too, patted my back, acting all 'we're bros, don't worry, I'll protect you'.

"If that Son of War beats you up too badly, I'll definitely help you get revenge on him!" said Blaze, waving his fist at an imaginary foe.

"S-Sun, don't worry, even though it g-goes against the rules, I'll s-still help to block the fatal blows…… even though t-there'll be a lot of them, I won't give up on saving you!" Earth's words are a hundred times more poisonous than Metal's!

"…… can you guys not have a little more confidence in me?"

Upon hearing that, the Cold Blood Faction merely gave me a cold look, but the Good Warm Faction instead said in unison, "We do! We are confident that with your recovery abilities they wouldn't be able to beat you to death. That's why we can confidently allow you to step up and get beaten up!"

'Why is it that the Cold Blood Faction's cold looks don't chill me at all, while instead the Good Warm Faction's words make me feel like I'm in the middle of a freezing blizzard……?'


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    Kinda funny how Yu Wo seems to be erm, defending Sun's sexuality lately lol. Has she too caught on the BL fandom for Sun? Heh heh. Don't know if that remark about Frost being Sun's ideal wife would help things though xD.

    Thank you for translating~ I love how I never completely know what to expect with LSK's plots, even though it is choke-full with tv tropes xD


Good Warm Faction

Good Warm Faction