Okay, so after looking at the polls and the comments you guys have left me, I've decided to compromise and put both chapter links and the entire story into 1 page. It'll take a bit of time before the rest of the books are condensed into 1 page, but I'll try to do them ASAP.


Book 3

Book 3: Rescuing a Princess

Prologue: The Knight and his sword's seal
Step 1: A Princess goes missing
Step 2: Form a rescue party
Step 3: Set off on the rescue mission
Step 4: A must have for rescue missions - a cool-looking bad guy
Step 5: Bring along the brains of the operation
Step 6: Explore a mysterious underground cave 
Step 7: A necessary sacrifice
Step 8: The climax - The clash between titans
Step 9: Bringing the Princess home
Step 10: Start a love story with the Princess
Epilogue - Rule C: No matter how lame/foolish the Sun Knight looks, never ever provoke his wrath

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Good Warm Faction

Good Warm Faction