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Friday, 20 May 2011

Book 3: Rescuing a Princess - Prologue

*Disclaimer note: This is merely a translation of the original Chinese version. I do not claim any part in the creation of the original story.


After reading countless of fairy tales and legends passed down for centuries, we should by now be well aware of one forever unchanging fact.

In fact, this fact can even be proven in a time-tested coalition of events; that is:

When one is a professional knight, during one's long and arduous career of knighthood, one has to rescue at least one or two princesses.

And but of course, the handsome and magnificent me would not be exempted from this!


Prologue: The knight and his sword's seal.

Two travellers were walking along a small and quiet road, both wearing cloaks with hoods. One was cloaked in dark green while the other was cloaked in grey. They had both their hoods drawn up, hiding their faces and leaving only a glimpse of their lips.

The two travellers had been travelling in companionable silence for quite some time.

That is, until an adventuring team on a quest passed them by. The team was made up of five members, and as they had more people in their group than the two travellers, the cloaked travellers graciously stepped aside, allowing the team to walk past them on the narrow path. The leader-a warrior-gave the two travellers a nod in thanks. Although a little arrogant looking, his demeanour was easy going and straightforward, and so did not arouse dislike in others.

Although the team did not have a large number of members, two of them were rather eye-catching, causing the two travellers to turn and look at them curiously. The warrior taking the lead in front had a head of black wavy hair and his whole body was rippling with strong and healthy muscles, giving off an impression of a strong and silent panther.

The holy knight walking behind the warrior, on the other hand, had a head of beautiful golden hair which glimmered under the sun, a pair of warm and gentle blue eyes and a smile so bright it could blindside a person.

When some distance had passed between the team and them, the one wearing the dark green cloak spoke up. "What a lively and enthusiastic team. Although I do not know who they are, they must have an impressive history. Could they be one of the top three adventure teams in the land? Which team do you think they are?"

The other traveller in the grey cloak gave a small knowing smile and said, "I doubt they are a very famous team."

"Why would you say so?" The green cloak asked curiously.

"Because I recognise one of them."

"Someone you know?"

The grey cloak nodded, saying, "Mhmm, the one with gold hair and blue eyes is my student, and he could never be in a team that's top three in the land."

"That was your student?" The green cloaked traveller exclaimed in surprise, "Then he really is a holy knight? But his footwork looked so weak and unsteady, and the way he held his sword was all wrong. It's hard to believe that that is your student. I had thought at first that he was only disguising himself as a holy knight, and that he was actually the person that the team was in charge of protecting, that the disguise was just to confuse his enemies!"

"… … he really is a holy knight, and he's actually one of those highly ranked holy knights," the one in the grey cloak said, the tick in his jaw clear to all.

The dark green cloaked looked at him disbelievingly.

The grey cloak gave a few loud coughs and explained, "His sword and armour aren't really his weapons, but rather his seal."

"Seal? I don't understand."

The grey cloaked traveller gave a faint smile. "If a mage were to wield a sword and wear heavy body armour, would you say that those outfit and equipment would be of any use to him? Or would they hinder him instead?"

The traveller in the green cloak smiled and mocked his companion lightly, "Are you saying that as a holy knight, you yourself managed to train a mage instead?"

"That was only a figure of speech. My student is a holy knight…… at least, he thinks he is a holy knight."

As he watched the distancing team, the green cloaked one suggested, "You have such an interesting student. Why don't we follow behind them and see what they are up to?"

"No, no. We'll be discovered if we follow behind them."

The green cloak's disagreement was clear in his voice as he said, "How? The team does not have a thief who specialise in hiding and sneaking around, only an archer. With our abilities it should not be hard to evade detection."

The traveller in the grey cloak gave a chuckle and shook his head. "They may not have a thief, but they have my student. Believe me, my friend, when I say that my student is extremely strong at everything other
than the skills a knight should have."

"But he is a knight?" The green cloaked one asked disbelievingly, not knowing whether to laugh or cry at this ridiculous reality.

"Yes! Thank goodness he is a knight……"

As he watched the disappearing team, the grey cloaked sighed thankfully. "If it weren't for the position of a knight and the sword in his hand acting as his seal, what kind of great things would he bring about? Ah, I am really looking forward to witnessing them."

"If you are so looking forward to them, why would you seal him?"

"Because this peaceful time and age does not need 'great things'."

"I see." The green cloaked figure nodded in complete agreement with the other's opinion.

As he continued to watch the faraway team, the one in the grey cloak said darkly, "Besides that, I had another important reason for insisting on turning a mage into a holy knight."

Picking up on his companion's solemn tone, the other traveller perked up and asked seriously, "What is the other reason?"

The grey cloaked figure finally turned away from the team and looked at his companion in the eyes, saying with great pain and regret, "Because I had forgotten to choose a back up knight!"


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    1. The Son of War from last chapter.

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  13. The seal is simple:

    "The Sun Knigth only knows holy magic,
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    Part of "The whole continent knows".

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