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Monday, 16 May 2011

Book 2: Duty 10 – The Sun Knight’s Tenth Duty: “Secure the faiths of the believers”

*Disclaimer note: This is merely a translation of the original Chinese version. I do not claim any part in the creation of the original story.


Just then up on the stage, the Hell Knight suddenly gave Elliot a kick. Not expecting his ally's sudden attack, he wasn't able to avoid the kick and was sent flying before finally coming to a stop at the very edge of the duelling stage, narrowly escaping from falling off.

'What a fright! I really thought he was about to fall off there!'

Because he had suffered the full brunt of the heavy kick, Elliot was unable to get to his feet right away, but he still struggled painfully to stand up.

The Son of War was about to step up and finish him off once and for all, but he was blocked by Slayer Hell.

"Why are you defending him?" The Son of War had a look of suspicion in his eyes, before suddenly shouting out, "could it be that the two of you are on the same side?!"


"On the same side?"

Slayer Hell gave a light chuckle and said unhurriedly, "Can there be such thing? There is only one Princess; she cannot marry two men. It's just that if I allow you to finish him off, then it'll just be a matter of time before I am defeated too. "

Hearing that, the Son of War gave a smug smile as he said arrogantly, "Even with him here you still won't be able to defeat me."

"That's true." Slayer Hell nodded frankly, and then adding, "Your swordsmanship is very good-perhaps even better than mine-and your strength is far greater than mine."

The Son of War gave a laugh at that. "You're not bad either; you are extremely fast!"

'Hey, hey! You guys don't have to be so buddy-buddy with each other, okay!' I thought, not knowing if I should laugh or cry at this scene in front of me. Although, it wouldn't be a bad thing if Slayer Hell can actually become friends with the Son of War.

"Let us settle this fairly then!" Slayer Hell said as he shifted into a fighting position.

The Son of War gave a hearty cry, "Agreed!" and swung into position too. The both of them looked to be in a pretty good mood.

At that point in time, Elliot had finally managed to stand up. He looked on at the fighting men a little discouraged though, as he could not find a way to break into the fight between the others two.

However, I kinda disagreed with his thinking. He should realise that one of his opponent is the Son of War, while the other is…… well, suffice it to say both his opponents are extremely strong! Even if he were to lose to them it is nothing to be ashamed of.

At the same time, I'm confident that after having seen the immense skill and level of those two, Elliot's comrades would not think it shameful to lose to them either. In fact, for Elliot to have even stayed in the fight for so long with those two is a credit to his own strength and skill.

And besides, Elliot is a knight; fighting in single battles has never been his strong point.

In other words, if Elliot, the Son of War and Slayer Hell were to each lead a small team and fight in a three party battle, the other two would definitely have lost to Elliot.

It is precisely this image that I was going for. That when fighting one-on-one, Elliot can last at least ten minutes or more against them; but when it comes to leading an army in battle, Elliot is definitely superior to the other two.

This way to the audience-and especially to the royal knights-Elliot hasn't really lost.

Just then, Elliot took a deep breath and prepared to jump back into the fight……

I suddenly shouted, "Elliot! The Princess is in danger! Protect her!"

Elliot was stunned for only a second before he instantly rushed in the Princess' direction. As he reached her he turned back to look……

A black flash of light lodged itself in his chest and he instantly slumped to the ground. Both his hands were clenched at his chest, his face was filled with agony. A horribly-smelling black mist seemed to be crawling out from his whole body.

I had rushed to his side by then and as I looked down to examine him, I exclaimed, "This is—it's the Black Curse!"

Not fearing the cursed black mist covering Elliot's entire body, the Princess threw herself on him while screaming, "Elliot!"

I sternly looked up at some point in the audience, and everyone turned to follow my gaze.

A cloaked figure standing above the stands of the crowd suddenly drew back their hood…… revealing—one of the extremely rare ghoul witch!

'Oh my!'

I had to work hard to suppress the urge to cheer Pink.

She was hauntingly beautiful in her desolate sorrow; a beautiful face, an hourglass figure and pale skin tinted with a hint of green. Her clothes were ragged and falling apart, her attire revealing in all the right places, showing her beautiful long legs, her cleavage and her flat belly, yet not distastefully so that it was PG 18. All in all, she was beautiful and enchanting and scary, all at the same time.

Although she didn't appear to be a living person, she is technically not a dead person. To be more precise, ghoul witches are actually one of the types of the cursed living. While I might say 'cursed' living, most of them are actually women who had cursed themselves with the intention of becoming a ghoul witch so that they will gain power to get revenge and various other similar reasons.

I had purposely instructed Pink not to use the undead, for with a whole arena filled with knights it would have been too easy for the undead to be discovered.

But I never thought Pink would be able to find a ghoul witch; these things are not easy to find, ya know?

Just then, the ghoul witch leapt down into the arena and started treading slowly in the direction of the King.

Because ghoul witches are technically still women-and a sorrowful one at that, as they had usually experienced an extremely miserable and painful fate- and in addition this ghoul witch was such a beauty, so even though the whole arena was filled with knights, no one really stepped forward to stop her.

The ghoul witch started laughing in a sharp high-pitched voice, saying, "I want revenge! Revenge! Revenge!"

The King's younger trusted knight shouted angrily, "Nonsense! How can Her Highness have had dealings with an evil foul creature like you!"

"Hahaha! Not the Princess, but the King! He threw me away after playing with my affections, and even killed my unborn child! Oh my poor child, I was unable to protect you! My poor, poor baby!" cried the ghoul witch, laughing one moment and crying the next; she seemed to have gone completely mad.

Instantly, the King's eyes bulged wide open. Seated beside him, the quiet, ever-smiling and elegant Queen's face suddenly darkened. Everyone had turned to look at the King in shocked disbelief.

Had the King turned into a completely different person the moment he had ascended the throne?

The King's expression was extremely poor, and there was a tick in his jaw as he forced out through clenched teeth, "What nonsense! I've never seen you before!"

From what I managed to see from a sneaked peek, the reason for the King's extremely poor expression was entirely due to the Queen's four inch spiked heels currently nailing his foot to the floor.

"Not you, your father!" the ghoul witch shrieked.

Everyone let a breath of relief, and the Queen's elegant and regal smile returned as she 'pulled' out her heels from the King's feet and tucked them back under her long skirts.

Everyone started complaining:

"What a fright, speak clearly next time!"

"And here I thought that the moment he had become the King he had changed from a whipped husband to a perverted sex fiend!"

I watched as the King tried to keep his pain from showing as he gingerly moved about his foot, before he was able to shout at the ghoul witch angrily, "Even if that is so, you shouldn't simply slander and harm the innocent (my poor innocent foot!) Royal knights, arrest her!"

Upon receiving the King's orders, the royal knights as one drew their swords and advanced on the ghoul witch with military-perfect order.

The holy knights, on the other hand, all turned to look at their respective captains, who in turn turned to look at me questioningly. I gave a frown and said, "She must be from the same group of undead creatures who had tried to cause trouble in the city the last time. How abominable! We cannot allow her to continue harming the innocent as she pleases. Holy knight brothers, assist the royal knights where necessary."

"Yes, sir!" The holy knights replied in unison and immediately formed into neat formations to surround and capture. The effect from years of fighting along side by side with their neighbours-the royal knights- could be seen as both parties worked together beautifully to subdue the ghoul witch. Their formation was perfect and nigh impenetrable; even if it was a Death Lord it would have surely died a second time, much less one measly ghoul witch.

The ghoul witch continued to attack the surrounding knights closing in on her, but any ordinary attacks were blocked by the knights' shields, and when the shields cannot block her magic curses there were still the holy knights with their holy light shielding them. As such she was unable to really harm anyone.

Through the wall of shields, the royal knights extended their pikes as they advanced slowly step by step on the desperately struggling ghoul witch.

The ghoul witch was not bad earlier with her curse when she had hurt Elliot, as knights aren't able to block from a curse attack. However, when it comes to a direct fight she was ineffective and she could only watch as the pikes steadily grew nearer until they finally pierced her, while her attacks had no effect on the knights.

I turned to look away, not wishing to watch this scene. Even though it was only a ghoul witch-and most probably a fake created by Pink at that- I still did not wish to see any innocent person killed just for the sake of my plans.

"Sun Knight!"

The Princess suddenly screamed. "Elliot, he- he's not going to make it!"

'How can that be?......' I had specifically told Pink to pick the most visually frightening but also the most harmless curse.

But then again, it would be just like her to purposely switch the harmless curse for another more destructive one. So, I hurriedly made my way to their side and took out the rose bead bracelet meant to be the betrothal gift, saying "Princess, please break the beads to slow down his death and give the Pope enough time to complete the incantation for the Absolute Healing spell."

(It was only after he heard me that that old geezer finally begins to slowly recite the incantation.)

But before I could finish my sentence, the Princess had already snatched up the rose bracelet and start breaking the beads one after another as if they were just some worthless rock found on the ground. My heart ached at seeing her break them one after another like there was no tomorrow!

"Sister, my sister, slow down, I say! Breaking so many so quickly won't increase the effect at all!" The King's expression looked even more pained than mine. Looks like he's already thought of the bracelet as his.

Although, I did have the intention of giving this bracelet to the King as an apology for everything, and hopefully appease him from making more trouble for me in the future…… 'Huh? Now that I think about it, what's there to be pained about? It's not like the bracelet's mine anyway.'

By then, the fight with the ghoul witch had already ended.

The Son of War who had been standing aside and watching as events progressed suddenly spoke up coldly. "What difference does it make if he dies anyway? Isn't the Sun Knight skilled in the resurrection arts?"

Instantly, I became the centre of attention, and the Princess even looked at me hopefully as she asked, "Really? Is this true?!"

I nodded carefully as I admitted, "This Sun does know the resurrection arts."

Hearing that, the crowd immediately exploded into an uproar.

"However, only when it is truly necessary and only with the person's agreement, will this Sun use this power!" I suddenly shouted sternly.

"Wh-what? Why?!" The Princess immediately cried out. After all, it is her lover who is on the threshold of death.

"There are too many limitations on the resurrection arts, and it can only be performed on someone who has died within eight hours. If I were to cast it on a corpse that's been dead for more than eight hours, the corpse will become an undead! Furthermore, the resurrection arts cannot be used on those who've died naturally of old age, from illness, or from poison."

I gave a pause here before continuing, "In addition, the resurrection comes with many side effects to the person. The side effects known so far include horns growing from their heads, fur covering their entire body, growing an extra pair of arms, and some even going crazy or becoming disabled in some way."

I listed out all the limitations and drawbacks in one go, thus announcing the resurrection arts' various failings to the world. While at it I might have exaggerated a little to dissuade people from insisting that I perform the spell. That would have been troublesome.

After hearing about all the drawbacks, the whole arena went silent. Especially the Princess; she was crying so hard even though she tried to muffle it.

Only the Son of War looked ecstatic. Think about it. He'd finally understood that the resurrection arts was not as great as it seems, and that it was impossible for the Church of Light to use it to increase their influence, so of course he would be happy.

"The cost of resurrecting someone will always be higher than dying," I said meaningfully with a weary sigh.

Just then, the Pope who had been dragging his feet had finally finished the incantation.

With an "Absolute Healing", a golden glow surrounded Elliot, and not too long afterwards Elliot let out a moan as he opened his eyes, smiling as he called out, "Your Highness……"

"Elliot! Oh, Elliot!" The Princess cried out as she tightly held her beloved.

Upon seeing this, the Son of War's expression soured, looking rather like a husband who had just found out about his wife's affair. He stomped towards them, his warriors following closely behind him.

The holy knights all turned to look at me, but seeing no indication from me they stayed put and did not make a move.

However, the royal knights had gathered in front of Elliot and the Princess, forming an impenetrable wall and stopping the Son of War from advancing forward.

Seeing this, the Son of War gave a condescending snort. The Church of War's warriors immediately drew their weapons. In response, the royal knights, too, extended their pikes from behind their shields. The atmosphere in the arena suddenly intensified.

The holy knights were happily standing by as they prepared to watch the two armies go at one another when a holy knight suddenly cried out, "Ah! Doesn't our Sun Knight wish to marry the Princess too?"

The holy knights were jolted by that reminder and they immediately turned to look at their captains, awaiting their orders. The Twelve holy Knights all turned to look at me…… I had almost forgotten that I was one of the contenders for the Princess' hand in marriage.

I quickly put on a deeply moved expression as I sighed with feeling, "Ah! A knight risking his life to save the princess, and the beautiful tears of the princess shed for the fate of the injured knight, how touching! If this Sun continues to insist on tearing apart these two faithful lovers, surely even the God of Light would look upon this Sun with anger and disappointment!"

Hearing that, the Twelve Holy Knights withdrew their gazes and went back to watching the excitement.

Seeing this, the holy knights, too, returned to watching the ensuing epic battle between the two parties. But seeing as the royal knights are their neighbours (all living together in the same city) and with Elliot's immense popularity, most holy knights were rooting for Elliot and the royal knights.

Judging from their loud and enthusiastic cheering, and taking into account the hot-blooded and recklessness of young men, if a fight really did erupt between the royal knights and the Church of War, the holy knights wouldn't be able to keep themselves from joining in the fight.

At the moment, both opposing parties were standing on opposite sides. No one had yet to make a move as they just stood there glaring at each other; the respective generals of each army sizing each other up. The tension in the air was extremely thick; the arena so quiet one could have heard a pin drop… … if it weren't for a bunch of rowdy holy knights cheering and adding fuel to the fire, that is.

As I stood there watching my own knights and their passionate cries, I couldn't help thinking that they aren't content to merely watching by the sidelines but that they actually wished to charge into battle themselves.

"Those Church of War bastards had actually dared to beat up our own men!"

"Yeah, they even dared to beat up the Sun Division Knight! They're just asking for it!"

"Get them, royal knights! Kill those motherfucking bastards! They had nearly killed Adair!"

I turned to look at Storm. Storm just gave a shrug and explained, "Your vice-captain Adair's popularity among the holy knights is about equal to Elliot's popularity among the royal knights. Furthermore, your Sun Division Knights are the equivalent to the team of talented young knights that Elliot leads. What I'm trying to say is that no matter among the civilians, the Hall of Light, our own Holy Temple or even among the royal knights, they are extremely popular and very well-regarded. Even I would often go to them for help."

"Ah!" I smiled. 'Is that so? Seems like I've been underestimating Adair and the Sun Division Knights. In that case, I can entrust more tasks to them in the future.'

"Sun, don't smile like that! I feel like I've just created more trouble for them……" Storm muttered lowly; so softly that I wasn't sure if I was meant to hear that.

"Why would you say that, my brother? With the God of Light as my witness, my Brother Storm has just helped this Sun greatly!"

"I have caused trouble for them," Storm sighed before muttering to himself. "Once this is over I should treat them to a few drinks in apology."

"But honestly, is it your intention for them to fight each other, or not?" Storm asked me curiously. "Give us a hint so we can prepare ourselves?"

"This Sun believes that the benevolent God of Light wishes only for a beautiful ending to all love stories, and not to see pointless fights and unnecessarily shed blood."


The Twelve Holy Knights each withdrew their hands from their weapons. Blaze even let out a disappointed pout as he mumbled, "But I was hoping to see a big bloody battle……"

Back in the middle of the arena, the King, upon seeing the escalating situation, slowly stood up and gave a low growl, "Stop this at once!"

"Your Majesty," The son of War began angrily, "have you forgotten our agreement?"

The King's face darkened at that. Even though the Son of War had immediately realised that he had misspoken, he showed no intentions of retracting his words and instead frowned heavily.

"Son of War, why not allow the couple their happy ending?"

I said with extreme sincerity, "This Sun is already willing to withdraw himself from the fight, are you still insistent on separating the both of them?"

"Heh!" The Son of War gave a cold laugh in reply.

I smiled back at him, well aware that the Princess wasn't the main point.

"How about this. Perhaps His Majesty could help to set up a branch of the Church of War in Forgotten Echo, as a way of apology for the Princess' rejection of the Son of War's affections?"

Upon hearing this, both the Son of War and the King stared at me astounded, and even the Twelve Holy Knights were frowning at my shocking suggestion. I, however, merely kept on smiling calmly.

"If it really is such a sincere apology……" the Son of War began while glancing at the King, and after gauging that the later was not against the proposal, he nodded and sighed, saying "Alright! Sigh, truth in fact, I didn't really have the heart to tear apart these two lovers anyway."

I gave a big nod and praised, "Isn't that so! I have always heard that the God of War was a passionate and ardent being who has great reserves of sympathy for others. He would never do something like tearing apart two people who so obviously hold such great love for one another."

"That's right! Our War God is exactly as you describe! I would never have thought that the Sun Knight would understand our War God so well." The Son of War nodded in approval, most of his animosity towards me disappearing at my words.

I responded in politeness, "You flatter this Sun too much. After all, aren't we neighbours? It is only right that I would wish to learn more about your religion."

"Do you guys have to buddy up with each other so?" Storm muttered from the sidelines.


In the end, the duel was cancelled.

After speaking a few friendly words with Slayer Hell-and extracting a promise from him for a sparring practice- the Son of War left with his warriors in satisfaction, not even once sparing a glance at the Princess.

The royal knights were left scratching at their heads in bewilderment as they looked between Elliot and me, confusion shining clearly in their eyes.

I ignored them and rounded up all the holy knights before leaving for the exit.

But, just as I was about to leave, I suddenly turned around and smiled at Elliot, saying, "Oh and by the way, Sir Knight Elliot, thank you for previously saving my vice-captain, Adair."

Elliot was surprised for a moment, before he beamed at me and said, "You're welcome. I think that with this we're even now, Sun Knight."


"Sir, the King sent me to tell you that you are to make up for the eight rose beads that the Princess had used on me."

A few days later, Elliot secretly met up with me and passed on this message.

I gave a sigh of relief at this, for this message from the King indicated that he accepted my gift in apology. Although it doesn't mean that he had completely forgotten about what I had done, it does mean that he would not be looking to purposely make trouble for me.

"And from Her Highness the Princess, she says that you've risen from a shameless and despicable worm to a shameless and despicable nice guy……"

I could make no answer to that but smile wryly.

After passing along the messages, Elliot did not immediately leave. Instead, he hesitated as if at a loss for words.

After a moment he finally spoke up a little embarrassedly, "'Even with backs turned from the light and face into the darkness, they still walk under the light……' Y-you don't know how much those words mean to me."

I gave him a small smile. I was well aware of how important those words were. Ever since I had said those words to Judge when I had caught him in a moment of dejection, he's hardly ever refused me any of my-ridiculous-requests.

"Don't worry, even though the Church of War has been granted permission to set up a branch here in Forgotten Echo and spread their beliefs, the royal knights and I, as well as the Princess, we are all firmly on the Church of Lights' side." Elliot promised me with the utmost sincerity.

I smiled as I replied, "As the representative of the God of Light, this Sun sincerely thanks you for your support, Sir Knight Elliot."

"As Elliot I too sincerely thank you, Sun Knight, but……" Elliot revealed a perplexed and troubled expression. "What about that fake Hell Knight?"

"Hmm? Why do you say that the Hell Knight is a fake?" I asked with a perfectly matching puzzled expression. "This Sun does not understand."

Hearing that, Elliot was taken aback. After thinking it over for a moment, he then gave a wry smile as he said, "Ah, no. You misheard me. I said that the Hell Knight's swordsmanship is excellent. If given the opportunity I hope to have a few friendly spars with him in the future."

"You are kind in your praise. I will be sure to pass it on to the Hell Knight Captain."

Elliot looked pleased at this and said, "I really hope to get to know him."

"You will," I assured him with a smile.

He nodded and said, "Then please excuse me, Sun Knight. If there is anything you need please do not hesitate to come to me. I want you to know that, other than betraying the royal family, I will not refuse you anything else."

I gave him a look. "Very well. Should this Sun meet with any problems this Sun will ask for your help as a 'friend'," I emphasized.

Elliot nodded seriously and said, "I understand. From today onwards, the Hell Knight stays in the Holy Temple, and Elliot stays in the royal palace. Other than friendship we have no other relation."

I nodded with satisfaction, and after bidding me farewell, Elliot turned and left.

A few moments later, another person-the Judge Knight-stepped out from the shadows. He watched as Elliot left, before turning to look at me.

I started explaining without prompting. "Even without the Son of War marrying the Princess, many of the younger generation would have readily switched to the Church of War. Religion is not like a country where our boundaries can be clearly separated; that the people living over there have to follow the Church of War, and the people living here must follow the Church of Light, it does not work like that."

Judge nodded at that. "You weren't thinking of completely stopping the Church of War from spreading into Forgotten Echo."

"That is an impossible goal," I agreed. "Just as Moon Orchid has believers of the God of Light, so, too, will there be followers of the War God in Forgotten Echo, and even the disciples of the God of Chaos too.

"However, no matter what I cannot allow the Son of War to marry the Princess, for that will indeed pose a great risk to us. A princess has always been admired by and yearned for by young men. And to confound matters, the King has no child. In that event, the child born to the Son of War and the Princess would most likely inherit the throne, and if the Son of War's son were to become the King of Forgotten Echo, the Church of Light's future would be extremely shaky at best."

Again, Judge nodded to show he understood.

I continued on, "But let's not talk about something so distant in the future. We cannot let the Son of War become a member of the royal family, thus influencing the royal knights' beliefs. As the younger generation have always aspired to become royal knights, should the royal knights' beliefs change, so too will the younger generation's. But on the other hand, if the royal knights were to treat the Church of War as their enemies, so would the younger generation be influenced accordingly."

Judge nodded and continued for me, "Elliot is one of the more notable profiles among the younger royal knights, and the younger knights are the key point, as the older generation have pretty much settled into their beliefs and would rarely switch religions. So by managing to pull Elliot to your side, you've pulled the entire army of royal knights to your side. And with Elliot marring the Princess and with the King still showing no signs of begetting a child, their child would very likely grow up to become the next king. So even though the Church of War has managed to set up a branch here in Forgotten Echo, the Church of Light's position is even more unshakable than ever."

The Judge stopped at that, before continuing on in a dark voice, "But all of this, you could have just have the King privately arrange this deal with the Son of War, allowing him to set up a branch here in Forgotten Echo in exchange for him giving up on the Princess. And yet, you had to stir up trouble and suggest a duel so that you had time to stir up the animosity between the Church of War and the royal knights, making them sworn enemies. Fine.

"But on the day of the duel you purposely thanked Elliot for saving Adair in front of everyone, thus misleading them into thinking that you had allowed the Church of War to set up a branch here at the cost of the Church of Light's influence, just so the Son of War would give up on the Princess and leave her free to marry Elliot. This way, the royal knights' opinion of you would rise significantly—sigh… You really are……"

I hissed at him angrily, "Judge, you do indeed know me very well, but do not think of me so poorly! I am very grateful to Elliot for saving Adair. Are you actually doubting my concerns and protectiveness for my holy knight brothers?! Yes, I had a motive for thanking him in front of everyone, but it is not so that the royal knights would like me, but to clear Elliot of any suspicion of having any connection with the Holy Temple!"

"I'm sorry."

Upon hearing my furious tirade, Judge immediately apologised. "I really am sorry. I misunderstood you. It is just that your methods of late have been rather alarming, that I kept thinking of the worst case scenarios."

"My 'methods' are only used on the duties of the Sun Knight, and I would never let anyone come to harm! In the last two incidents, exempting of the fat piggy king who deserved it, who else has been harmed by my plans?"

I was so angered that my voice had started trembling with fury. "I was trying to carry out my duties, I had been working so hard not to hurt anyone and yet still contrive to bring about a happy ending for everyone. Yet you, the person who knows me best, Leithe Judge, was alarmed by my methods?!"

Judge lowered his head at that for a while as he thought about what I had said. He then looked at me in the eye steadily as he said, "Captain Sun Knight, you have indeed carried out your duties, and had not harmed anyone who did not deserve it. I am truly sorry for misjudging you."

"Leithe, it isn't just a simple matter of me forgiving you, but you have really gone too far this time!" I refused his apology, saying stubbornly, "Securing the faiths of the followers is my main duty, and I have never once forgotten what I, as the Sun Knight, should or should not be doing. I admit that my methods may be a little treacherous and underhanded, but with the limitations of trying not to harm anyone, I have only those methods left open to me!"

"I'm sorry. I, Leithe Judge, swear on my name before the God of Light that I will never make this same mistake."

I nodded my head carefully, finally accepting his apology, but at the same time setting a condition. "How 'bout this, you promise to agree to any ten requests of mine unconditionally, then I'll forgive you."

"… … Do you really need me to promise you this? When have I ever refused any of your requests?"

"That was because it was for the sake of official matters that you had no choice but to agree, but I do have private requests that I might need your help with!"

Judge gave me a perplexed look. "And just how is scaling the walls to buy blueberry pies for you an official matter?"

"That was only a favour, not a request," I denied.

"I see. Are there any even more preposterous things that you can't ask me as 'favours', that you have to ask as 'requests' from me?"

I gave an uncomfortable laugh. "Er, there aren't any currently. But you never know when I might have one! I should take advantage of the rare occasion of you doing something wrong and get you to agree in advance, for insurance."

"…… three requests."

"Deal!" I agreed immediately. I am 'looting a burning house', after all. I'll take what I can get.

Judge merely gave a sigh at my antics, before bringing up another question. "And how are you going to deal with that Slayer Hell?"

"Oh." I smiled faintly. "You must be happy about Captain Hell Knight's long-awaited return?"

Judge gave me a look, asking me strangely, "What do you mean?"

I smiled at him as I explained, "ever since you turned thirteen, no one in the Holy temple has been able to match up to you in terms of swordsmanship. Now after ten years, you finally have someone whom you can spar with. Aren't you happy about that? Or do you actually think that in between your many duties as Judge Knight you would still have time to run over to the neighbouring country's Church of War and invite the Son of War to a friendly spar?"

Judge fell silent as he considered this before he spoke of his worries, "but he is a Death Lord; he is extremely dangerous!"

"A Death Lord in the midst of the Church of Light-the headquarters of the group of people who specialise in dealing with the undead? Are we the ones in danger? Or is it he who is in greater danger?"

Judge thought about this new point and finally nodded, saying in exasperation, "Whatever you say…… besides, I've just realised……

"He is nowhere near as dangerous as you are."


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