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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Book 1: Rule A – The Twelve Holy Knight’s Shared Rule: “No matter what the circumstances, the Sun Knight is always perfect!”

*Disclaimer note: This is merely a translation of the original Chinese version. I do not claim any part in the creation of the original story.



A large banner hung from the middle of the ceiling in the conference room.

To avoid detection, not a single lamp had been lit. Eleven knights sat around the table, each knight's face and figure hidden within the dark shadows.

One of the knights first spoke up, "The Sun Knight's sword skills may have always been so terrible that hardly anyone can recognise his sword waving for the Sun Sword Style, but how could he have been able to fool Blaze--"

A second knight immediately cut off the first one, saying, "No! I never claimed that Sun is Slayer, and I never will."

"Even if he is Slayer, I'd advise you to act as if he isn't." A deep and intimidating voice spoke up. Everyone seemed to tense up upon hearing this voice.

"We may have always maintained that the Sun Knight upholds Justice, but this time he really has gone too far-he had even used necromancy
spells, for crying out loud. Shouldn't we at least give him a word of warning?"

At this, everyone started arguing with each other.

"But he's already learned them, so what's the point of giving him a warning? It's not like he could forget them all."

"We could at least counsel him against learning the advanced necromancy spells."

"Idiot! We should forbid him from using necromancy spells at all for the rest of his life! And magic, too! What kind of knight uses magic?!"

"Puh-leese! You know how awful Sun's swords skills are, if you forbid him from using necromancy spells and even magic spells, he'd probably be found dead within two days."

"That's true……"

'Knock, knock'

Everyone instantly quieted down at the knocking and looked at each other flummoxed, unsure about whether to answer the door.

"Come in."

In the end, the one who had called out was the unknown knight with the deep intimidating voice.

The door opened up, letting in a ray of bright sunlight into the dark room. The person who entered was akin to the sun itself, with gleaming golden hair and a smile as bright as the sun. No one would ever connect this radiant man with any kind of darkness whatsoever.

And this bright, dazzling man had an extremely fitting title -- Sun Knight.

The Sun Knight smiled as he looked around, seeming to not notice the huge banner with the words 'IS SUN THE SLAYER OR NOT?' on it hanging from the ceiling.

With a sincerely apologetic expression on his face, the Sun Knight said, "My beloved holy knight brothers, this Sun is extremely sorry for interrupting your secret meeting. To disturb your time of socialising is such an inexcusable transgression.

"However, this Sun just couldn't resist the urge to share with my brothers of the miracle the God of Light had bestowed upon us." At this, the Sun Knight's face was filled once again with happiness and delight. "This Sun had just been blessed by the God of Light, and has finally understood the true essence of the resurrection arts. Ah…! Even his grace the Pope had leapt in joy at this wonderful news.

"In the future, my fellow brothers may go to do battle with evil without any second thoughts. There is no need to worry about fatal injuries, for this Sun believes that as long as my fellow brothers still retain their heads, this Sun will be able to bring each of you back from the clutches of Death himself!"

But then at this point, Sun suddenly became saddened and sighed. "Sigh… Unfortunately this art of resurrection is not a very constant one, for one never knows when it might work, and when it might fail! If the spell were to fail due to 'certain reasons', causing a certain brother to miss out on his chance of living, this Sun will be inconsolable."

"… … … …" Everyone kept silent.

"After sharing this joyous news with my brothers, this Sun will not further impede my brothers from exchanging words of the God of Light any longer. May you have a pleasant time conversing."

With a scarily bright smile, the Sun Knight slowly closed the door, returning the room to darkness. The dark conference room was quiet for some time before someone ventured to ask, "Was that…… a bribe?"

"No! It was a threat."

The Judge Knight slowly stood up, deciding to leave this pointless meeting. He left a word of advice behind before he left though.

"This is my advice to all of you. Our Sun Knight had already dared to set up the King. Unless you have a position above that of a king, don't mess around with him."

The Storm Knight, too stood up and added idly, "And, he's proficient in the art of resurrection that even the Pope cannot cast; he's proficient with the holy spells, the magic spells, and now necromancy spells. He has the 'strongest Sun Knight in history' as his teacher backing him up, and another necromancer teacher. I'd like to add that he might also have a Death Lord best friend."

'Thank God his sword skills are terrible……' thought everyone.

"Fu*king hell! Is he the Sun Knight or the evil Demon King?!" griped Earth Knight, his face ashen.

Leaf Knight chuckled and said, "Oh, Earth. Have you forgotten what our teachers had drilled into our heads since we were small?"


"Remember child, no matter what the circumstances, the Sun Knight is always perfect!"

P. S. "Child, if you were to accidently come across an imperfection in the Sun Knight-unless you wish to personally experience his imperfection-just acknowledge that he is perfect."


End of First Volume


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  1. Thanks for the hard work! Your translations are better than the ones I read in the scanlations. I wish my Chinese was as good as yours. :)

  2. This one is hilarrious. Thanks for your translation of this! I'd like to point out that you do some errors though. You might want to re-read your translation to see what I'm talking about.

    1. She just translates the story in the way she understood the flow of events...translating it as if she herself is in that story.

      But I do agree that there are some errors in her translations, and it can't be avoided though. No one is perfect anyways.

  3. i thank you for taking the time to point out my mistakes, but I don't get where it is. I've gone through it but can't find what you mean? I think it's cause I'm looking at them through eyes that know what I mean, and not what I've really written, so could point it out to me?


    1. Some of your mistakes, as I have noticed, were mostly the use of tenses (like past, present and future tenses), grammar, punctuating, and repeating a word twice consecutively.

      *the art of necromancers -- (to: the art of necromancy ...??)
      *do it it the way.... ---( do it the way....)

      *"We may have always maintained that the Sun Knight upholds Justice, but this time he really has gone too far-he had even used necromancy
      spells, for crying out loud. Shouldn't we at least give him a word of warning?"


      "We may have always maintained that the Sun Knight upholds Justice but, this time, he really has gone too far - he had even used necromancy spells, for crying out loud. Shouldn't we at least give him a word of warning?"

  4. Can you post bigger images of the knights? i clicked them, but it says page not found.

  5. This is the most entertaining thing I've read in years. Thank you for all your hard work translating it!

  6. Went ahead and read the translation/summary for vol 8. Oh, Yu Wo, I love your foreshadowing techniques~

  7. This is sooo good :D Thank you for all your effort!

  8. Hi Lealynn, I'm a new reader and I could honestly say that your translation is really enjoyable. It's been said that every translators add their own colour to the story. If so, what pretty colour you add!


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