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Book 1: Rule 7 – The Sun Knight’s Seventh Rule: “Never underestimate a single thing. Even a robe, when angry, could bite you in the ass.”

*Disclaimer note: This is merely a translation of the original Chinese version. I do not claim any part in the creation of the original story.


So, to preserve as much blood as possible, I rushed away from Pink's house and began my search.

This outfit of mine may look cool and handsome, but precisely because it was too cool and too handsome, I would attract way too much attention if I were to walk on the streets. It's like announcing to the whole world, 'I'm a suspicious person!' I'd be dragged off by my own holy knights as well as the royal guards to have 'a little chat' with the Judge Knight!

So the only option left to me is to run about atop the roofs.

Luckily for me, it is now in the evening, when the twilight made things difficult to see. Otherwise, I would have been spotted immediately by the patrolling guards below in the streets.

I leapt from roof to roof, feeling light as a feather, as if I were flying. Each leapt was twice the height of a man, and each time I landed as quietly as a cat. I felt like laughing out loud, oh, how I enjoyed this rare feeling of freedom.

Pink really is worthy of her status as a-god knows how many centuries old-necromancer. Even a simple gift casually handed over is such a treasure. Although… this outfit's name is really weird. Why call it Dragon's Holy Robe? Its name is so outdated. These days, aren't precious artefacts are more commonly called the Atlantis Sword or XXX Goddess' Blessings, or something like that?

But back to the matter at hand-even stranger than its name is the Dragon's Holy Robe's bloodsucking element. With it sucking that much blood, where does it all go?

I have great suspicions that this outfit is actually a kind of dark creature; but my blood is one of the holiest things in the world. Just one ml of my blood should be enough to force it to reveal its true form, much less after sucking 300 ml of my blood……. On the other hand, maybe its true form actually is just an outfit?

'This lowly one really is just an outfit.'

I came to a standstill at once and looked around, but other than myself there is not a single person on the roofs, so who said that just now? Maybe I'm just suffering from excessive blood loss and hallucinating?

'This humble servant has yet to suck your blood. Only when Master has changed back will he have to pay out the appropriate amount of blood.'

"Ooh…… Is that so?" I nodded in understanding. "That's pretty considerate. People put on this outfit to aid them in battles. If they were to start feeling faint during the battle due to excessive blood loss, they would lose the fight very quickly."

'Master, you praise this one too much.'

"Oh no, not at all. I'm only stating the truth. This really is…… very…… very considerate……"

My eyes widened as I looked around. I could have sworn that that the only thing capable of speech around here was--!

Then what the heck was talking to me just now?! And so politely too!

'This lowly one is the Dragon's Holy Robe.'

"You're this black outfit I'm wearing?" I stiffly looked down at the super-cool black and white armour outfit. "Prove it to me." I asked of it doubtfully.

'May this one ask Master what proof is required of this servant?'

"Stop calling me Master and saying 'this one', 'that one'. It sounds weird." I shook my head and said offhandedly, "Why don't you move a little?"

'Yes, Master.'

Immediately after speaking, I started feeling a strange sensation. Why does it feel as if…… something very tight is squeezing me?!

I looked down in panic and watched disbelievingly as my waist shrunk…… I gaped speechless at my now 25 inch waist, when I started to feel a little short of breath. I hurriedly cried out, "Stop, stop, stop! I'm going to be squeezed to death! I believe you're the Dragon's Holy Robe, so stop already!"

'Yes, Master.'

I watched in gratitude as my waist returned to its proper girth that any full grown man should have-30 inches.

"How the times have changed!" I sighed with feeling.

In the past, only prized swords or magic gems and stuff like that could talk; but now, even clothes have started speaking!

The next time I go shopping for clothes, I better find out if they can talk beforehand, or else my room may have to play host to a 'clothes gathering'. Should that happen, I might lose it and burn them all up before waking up and remembering that I had paid good money for those clothes…… and then I'll die inelegantly of heartache for my wasted money.

'This lowly one is extremely sorry; this servant will not simply speak up in the future.'

'What a good and obedient outfit!' I thought. Then, I couldn't resist the urge to ask, "Since you're so obedient, could you not suck my blood when I change back?"

'Th-this, I'm sorry but… this lowly one is unable to do so……'

'As expected, it didn't work,' I sighed. Oh well, I doubt I'll be using this outfit often, what's a little 300 ml of blood to me, eh?

'Master, there's some movement about a hundred meters to your left.'

'What?!' I was rather shocked. I was shocked, not because there was some movement ahead, but because of the discovery that this Dragon's Holy Robe came with an 'auto detection sensor'! That 300 ml worth of blood really is worth it!

I advanced in the direction given by the Dragon's Holy Robe and discovered my own holy knights below. This area is a small plaza situated along one of the main roads leading to the royal palace. More than twenty holy knights were gathered in the plaza; the fire badge worn proudly on their chest proclaimed them to be from the Blaze Knight Division. Their leader, the Blaze Knight was there too.

Upon seeing this, I hurriedly crouched down on the roof to avoid being spotted by any of them and possibly getting mistaken for a bad guy.

But I was puzzled about one thing. This month isn't the Blaze Knight Division's turn to patrol the city. If I'm not mistaken, this month it should be the Judge Knight Division that are in charge of patrolling the streets. Whenever it comes the Judge Knight Division's turn to do the patrolling, the city's crime rate would drop drastically. No one would dare to start a fight on the streets; why, even quarrelling married couples would shut their windows carefully before fighting with each other. Softly.

During this whole month, the only incident that had happened was when the 'dead knight' came a knocking. And the only reason that 'dead knight' was allowed to disturb the city's peace for so long instead of being dispatched immediately by the Judge Knight Division, was because everyone had a mutual agreement that all undead were to be left to the Sun Knight-me-to deal with.

However, I did not have time to figure out this puzzle, for I had discovered an even more startling fact. The Blaze Knight Division's opponent was none other than—the Death Knight!

Yup! Can't be mistaken. This is the faded fellow who had taken a hack at my back; the guy who had left behind an ominous 'I will come back for you' before escaping; the one who had nearly arranged a meeting with the God of Light for me.

But…… there seems to be something different about this guy today?

I frowned as I inspected him. He looks…… a little darker than last time? Huh? Did this dead guy feel that his skin was too pale and went for a sun tanning session?

"He heh! I finally found you."

Blaze's cold laugh finally caught my attention. Wow. I couldn't believe that Blaze was actually sneering! Wasn't he always a clumsy buffoon who walked around with a swagger? An open person who showed all his emotions on his face? Other than laughing loudly, he should only be able to laugh wildly.

Don't tell me… this guy has also been hiding his real personality, different to his outside appearance?!

And here I thought he was the one among the Twelve Holy Knights whose real personality matched their respective Holy Knight personality the most! After all, I had met the six future Holy Knights of the Good Warm Faction when I was ten. We're actually well aware of each others' original personalities.

Storm was actually a very shy kid; it was said that it had taken his teacher 3 years just to get him to wink at a girl without blushing!

Leaf had always been a nice and kind boy. A darling. After undergoing further training with his teacher, I believe that there are less than a handful of people in the world who could be said to be kinder than him.

As for Earth, that guy had always been a rebellious kid who scoffed at the rules. His teacher had to spend god knows how long to get him to at least pretend to be an honest and sincere person.

And Blaze was really a wild monkey who hardly needed any training to fit the Blaze Knight's known personality.

As for the Cold Blood Faction's six Holy knights, I only met them when I was about eleven or twelve years old. By then, everyone had already undergone three years of torture training.

So if you ask about the Cold Blood Faction's original personalities-well, I'm not too sure about them…… I can only repeat what I have heard from Judge.


"It is you, garbage, who had injured Sun and falsely accused him. And caused me to nearly kill him!" Shouted Blaze in anger as he drew out the broadsword he carried on his back. So great was his anger that his eyes had become blood-red, and even his red hair seemed to burn like his namesake.

I was stunned at this. Blaze was angry because of me! No wonder he was acting so unlike himself. Well, I guess it can't be helped. You see, ever since we were kids, Blaze had always especially idolized me. Even till this day I have no idea why. Perhaps his teacher had brainwashed him on this aspect a little too much?

"I… am not… garbage!" growled the Death Knight, as the black aura surrounding him suddenly grew thicker. The sword he held in his hand seem to take on a more sinister look-its glinting blade looked sharp enough to slice through flesh and bone, and its hilt was wrought into that of a figure of a person writhing in agony.

This is bad. Blaze had probably hit a nerve or something and now the Death Knight's furious.

I felt annoyed at myself. Why hadn't I remembered to ask Pink if the sword was one of her things, and if so, what special abilities it possessed?

And what was worse, Blaze's fighting abilities aren't as good as Frost's. It's impossible for him to defeat the Death Knight.

Fortunately, Blaze isn't so stupid as to fight with the Death knight one-on-one. With a wave of his hand, his well-trained knights immediately surrounded the Death Knight. Two of the knights stepped into the circle, forming a triangle with Blaze with the Death Knight in the middle.

'Great job!' I cheered inside. Surround the Death Knight to prevent its escaping should he lose, while at the same time protecting the innocent bystanders from any harm. Although, there aren't any crowds around today. Blaze had probably warned them to stay away earlier. But even without anyone else around, the surrounding buildings are no hindrances to the Death Knight. Should he knock down one of the buildings and take the people inside hostage…… the situation will only get even worse!

Now, while I might approve of Blaze's actions and thoughtfulness, the Death Knight was instead further enraged by his actions. The flames in his eyes burn even stronger as he growled, "Disgraceful! How disgraceful! You are not worthy of calling yourselves Holy Knights!"

At this, I wrinkled my forehead while thinking, 'Could it be that this Death Knight has something to do with us Holy Knights?'

You see, if the average person were to come across an injustice, they would say that it was unbefitting behaviour of a knight who should uphold justice; they would not specifically say that it was unbefitting of a holy knight, because other than their different allegiances, ordinary knights and holy knights are basically the same thing. In fact, you could say that the holy knights are a sub-division of the knight category.

Blaze was a hot tempered person and easily angered. When he heard the Death Knight's disparagement, he was offended and shouted back, "It is you who are not worthy of calling yourself a dead person. The dead should quietly shut their mouths-forever! Attack!" The last part was, of course, directed at the holy knights.

After his order, Blaze himself immediately launched himself at the Death Knight and started battling with him. The other two holy knights, accustomed to their leader's style, immediately closed in on the two, lending a helping hand to Blaze as and when the opportunity arises.

Even though it would appear that they're losing even three-to-one, I'm not all worried, for even if Blaze and the other two weren't enough to beat the Death Knight, there are still twenty more holy knights there watching them carefully.

I refuse to believe that one Death Knight is able to defeat all of them. After all, it is not easy to get assigned to one of the Twelve Holy Knights' Divisions. Every one of these knights are the crème de la crème of the Holy Temple.

Just as I was thinking this, Blaze had called on two more of his holy knights to aid him and the five of them continued to attack the Death Knight with flawless teamwork.

Upon seeing this, I was even more at ease. Even when in such an enraged state, Blaze had not lost his senses and had made the correct decision to quickly end the battle before their opponent could inflict any further damage.

"Disgraceful! Utterly disgraceful!"

The Death Knight seemed to only be able to repeat those few words. At the same time, he seemed to be getting darker and darker……

No! It's the aura around him that's getting thicker and darker!

Turning back to Blaze, he seemed to not have noticed this. As the holy Sun Knight I'm probably the only one who is able to sense these minute changes in the black aura. This looks bad! I have to find a way to warn Blaze!

Thinking it over, I concluded that I could only do so by joining in the battle. If worst comes to worst, I'll just run away after everything's over.

I stood up and drew my Holy Sun Blade…… What Holy Sun Blade?! Looking down at myself, my body does look pretty good, if I do say so myself…… ahem! As I was saying, right now I'm wearing a skin-tight outfit. There's no way for one to hide a weapon on myself.

Am I to join the battle with just my bare hands? Blaze might as well yell at me to stand aside and stop hindering him.

'Master, this humble servant is able to provide Master with a weapon.'

"Really?!" I cried happily, "Quickly give it to me!"

'Master, I have an obligation to remind you that the weapon will cost you 200 ml of your blood.'

"What?! This is daylight robbery! Sucking more of my blood just for some measly weapon." I exclaimed appalled. "You black hearted monster. No wait, you don't have a heart. You 'black outfit'!"

'This lowly one is indeed a black outfit.'

I gritted my teeth in irritation, but looking down at the situation below, it would appear that I have no other option but to agree. The Death Knight might have suffered a few wounds from the ongoing battle, but the dark aura he emitted was growing yet stronger. Even Blaze, that oaf, could sense that something was wrong, but it doesn't look like he plans on retreating for now. I snapped angrily at the outfit, "Just give me the weapon!"

'Yes, Master.'

Instantly, I felt something at my waist and found a sword hilt. I drew it out quickly and—

"Shit! What the hell is this? A letter opener?!"

'Master, it is a sword dagger.'

"A sword what?!"

I stared at the sword, no, dagger I held in my hand. It was only as long as my forearm, with its hilt taking up one-third of it; it looked like a little kid's toy. Its blade was quite thick and one of its edges was sharply serrated.

'This sword dagger is small enough to be used for an assassination; should the assassination fail, the serrated edge would come in handy to saw/break of the opponent's sword and allow for escape.'

"This all sounds pretty good, but…… I'm not on an assassination mission!" I rolled my eyes at the outfit's explanation.

Even if I wished to quietly assassinate the Death Knight, a simple dagger would not be enough to kill it. And furthermore, I doubt that this tiny dagger would be able to break that dreadful sword.

"Do you have any ordinary swords? Even a blade is fine!"

*a sword is double-edged, while a blade has only a single edge.

'Master, this lowly one is an assassin's outfit; this servant does not have weapons used by warriors.'

"I see… These days, even outfits stand firm as to which category they belong to huh...…" I sighed as I looked down at the dagger. 'Am I really going to fight a Death Knight armed with only this for a weapn?' I thought in exasperation. In a last ditch attempt of desperation, I asked, "Do you have any other types of weapons?"

'Yes. The darts require 100ml of blood, the poison arrows cost 150ml, the……'

"…… forget I even asked."


I sighed once more, rethinking my plans. Rather than jumping into the battle with just the dagger, it might actually be better to revert back to my Sun Knight form and aid them with my holy blood and my specialty-holy spells.

Either way, it looks like I won't be able to accomplish my original objective. I can't just leave Blaze to fend for himself while I myself go off to kidnap the Duke of Ceylan's third son.

Just as I was about to jump off the roof to change back in some dark alley, the situation unexpectedly took a turn for the worse. I could sense the dark aura from the Death Knight changing-instead of just surrounding the Death Knight like before, it was now beginning to form a swirling vortex with the Death Knight standing right at the heart of it. He was absorbing all the dark impressions and aura from around the whole city into his body.

I turned back in alarm and without a second thought I cut myself on the dagger, coating it with my blood. As I leapt down from the roof, I cast upon myself Divine Wings and Holy Blessings.

There was only one thought running through my mind:

'Do not allow him to become a Death Lord!'


By now, the whole plaza was filled with the dark and depressing aura. It was now so thick that a weak-minded person would have committed suicide. Even the holy knights who were made of stronger stuff were looking rather pale and swaying dangerously on their feet. Only Blaze was strong enough to withstand its effects.

"Disgraceful!" shouted the Death Knight as he absorbed even more of the dark aura and turning to lunge at Blaze. By now, his flame-eyes had turned from its original pale red to a dark grey colour. When he has fully become a Death Lord, they would have turned to pure black.

"Bla-Blaze Knight……" cried the holy knights when they saw their leader being attacked, as they tried to reach him, but every step they took towards the centre of the dark aura weighed a ton and seemed to be pulling them down.

"Go! You guys are useless here. Quickly go and notify the Holy Temple of the situation." Blaze said fiercely.

"No! We cannot do that. Blaze Knight, please retreat first," shouted the holy knights.

"You…… all of you…… not a single one…… is allowed to leave! You shameless knights!"

The Death Knight's aura suddenly changed back into a cloud around him before rapidly shooting outwards and forming a giant barrier around the whole of the plaza.

He was going to get rid of this division of holy knights, even if he would become a Death Lord.

And his first target is their leader, the Blaze Knight.

Blaze raised his giant broadsword; the purification fire that had initially covered the whole sword was now reduced to a weak flickering flame, in danger of sputtering out at any time due to the dark heavy aura.

Dealing with the undead was never one of Blaze's specialties. His purification fire was meant to deal with ghosts and spirits. Spirits and ghosts and the undead might sound like they belong to the same category, but they're actually different things. The most distinct difference between the two is that the spirits do not have a physical body, while the undead still possess flesh and bone. (Sometimes only bone if their flesh had rotted away.)

Purification fire is deadly to spirits and ghosts, as they are exorcised the moment the fire touches them. However, the undead have a physical body blocking the fire from their 'soul', so the fire's effects are significantly diminished. So, even though the undead also try to avoid the purification fire, they are not as afraid of it as the spirits are.

The undead have always been one of the Sun Knight's main responsibilities!

I clutched my dagger and tried to stealthily approach the battling two……

"Who is it?" The Death Knight turned to look at me coldly.

Damn! I'd wanted to perform a sneak attack, but my holy presence stuck out like a sore thumb in this sea of dark aura. To the Death Knight, I'm probably as bright as a flame in the dark.

Without saying a word, I began my attack on him, thereby declaring through my actions to the holy knights that I am on their side.

The Death Knight did not seem to take me as a threat seriously, but I forgive him. Even I would not be able to take seriously someone who held an assassin's dagger, yet did not keep to his job description as an assassin and assassinate people, but instead butted-in in a battle with a confrontational attack.

He was still staring at me, stunned, as I launched my first attack at him.

'Bastard! How dare you not take me seriously! You think I really want to attack you upfront with just this dagger?! If not because to you-a Death Knight-my holy presence is even brighter than the stars in the sky, making it impossible to assassinate you, I can only use this dagger to openly attack you. It's not like I had any other choice, so don't give me that look!'

When my dagger managed to slice his chest, causing his chest to hiss and him to cry out in pain, he finally woke up from his stupor and raised his sword to block my second attack.

He looked at me and said, "It really is you."

Oh no! He's recognised me! I don't want Blaze and the rest of the holy knights to recognise me too! The great Sun Knight running around in a strange black outfit with silver armour; golden hair dyed black and silver, and even worse, leaving behind his Holy Sun Blade and fighting with a silly assassin's dagger……

I can't say that I have a perfectly innocent explanation for it, like, oh… 'I'm just going off to kidnap someone, this dagger should be sufficient for this purpose', now can I?!


Before he could finish calling out my name, I quickly shouted out loudly, "That's right! It is I! The one who specialises in killing Death Knights, who am well known in the North and South, the renown-Slayer!"

"Slayer...?" Blaze blinked at my announcement before turning to his holy knights and asked, "You guys heard of Slayer?"

The twenty-two holy knights shook their head in unison-no.

"Slayer…?" The Death Knight, too, was confused at my proclaimed name. "You're not…Sun-?"

Quickly, I shouted out, drowning out his question. "Prepare for your end, Death Knight! Now that I, the expert Death Knight hunter, have seen you, you're dead for sure!"

"Isn't the Death Knight technically dead already?" muttered Blaze. "And are there really that many Death Knights around for you to hunt?"

"Death Knight, let's quickly end this battle once and for all."

I said to him coldly, worried that the longer this drags out, the greater the chances of my true identity being exposed. I don't want to be forever known as 'that weird Sun Knight with the bizarre dressing hobby'!

It's not that I really mind my reputation that much, but if my teacher-known as the strongest Sun Knight ever-were to ever catch wind of it and realise that he was the teacher of 'that weird Sun Knight with the bizarre dressing hobby'…… Well, the Holy Temple would then have one more scandal to cover.

'Shocking News! Sun Knight Kills Sun Knight!'

'… … … …'

I'm pretty sure the Holy Temple would not want to see a headline like that.

I don't know if I was imagining it, but the Death Knight had seemed to hesitate for a moment at my statement before glancing at the others and saying coldly, "Fine by me."

I couldn't help thinking that his actions were a little unusual. Typically, a Death Knight would go berserk upon meeting their obsession…… at least, that's what it says according to my 'Comprehensive Guide to the Undead-Everything You need to Know About Them, And What To Do When You Meet One'.

The Death Knight quickly began attacking me in earnest after agreeing. I retaliated by casually throwing out a small ball of white light. This is a basic magic spell, and it has no function other than to illuminate. However, Death Knights dislike bright light. This ball of light in the midst of the dark should be enough to cause the Death Knight to falter.

As expected, the Death knight was momentarily blinded by the light and had to raise an arm to shield his eyes. With the added speed of my Divine Wings and the Dragon's Holy Robe combined, I took this opportunity to rush at him. So great was my increased speed that I seemed to appear out of nowhere in front of him. I bet even pros like the Judge Knight would have difficulty blocking this attack.

Anyway, my attack was too fast for the Death Knight that even though he could sense my holy presence, he was unable to block me. I pulled a feint at his chest with my left hand, while stabbing his knees with the dagger in my right.

Seeing as the opponent is a Death Knight, attacking his chest was probably useless as he would suffer at most a hole in his chest. To a normal person, this would have been a mortal blow, but to an already dead Death Knight, it's just another hole in his chest. Why, he might even feel that the hole would be helpful with air ventilation!

On the other hand, if I attacked his knees, damaging his knee joints could severely hinder his movements so that even if I couldn't defeat him, I don't have to worry about Blaze and the others getting killed by the Death Knight.

The Death Knight cried out in pain; his vision had returned by now, but I was ready for him and had closed my eyes while throwing out another ball of light at him before retreating back to a safer distance. I then quickly threw out a grease spell in between us.

"Argh!" roared the Death Knight in pain. He probably hadn't expected his opponent to use the same trick twice and had gotten the full glare of the bright light right in his face this time.

'How exhilarating!' I thought as I opened my eyes once more. I could feel my heart beating quickly as it pumped the adrenaline through me! I had only thought of this trick when I had realised how great my speed was. If one were with a slower speed or were slower at spell casting, they would have been dead the moment they closed their eyes!

"This black clothed guy is pretty sneaky."

'Blaze! Fine, you can talk bad about me behind my back, but how dare you actually say it out so loud where I can hear you?! Hmph! You're dead!'

One of the holy knights suddenly spoke up, "I understand now, Slayer is actually……"

Shit! They couldn't have realised who I am, could they?

In perfect unison, all the holy knights said, "A sorcerer assassin!"

I nearly tripped and fall down. 'Last time it was mage swordsman, now I'm a sorcerer assassin?!'

'Idiots! I'm just a holy knight who happens to be wearing an assassin's outfit and used some magic spells, OK? I'm not one of those with a weird job who learn magic and train as an assassin at the same time……' But now that I think about it, does such a 'unique' job really exist?

Oh Shit! I had gotten distracted by them, and now the Death Knight is attacking me. I immediately thought to run, but the surrounding oppressive dark aura that was previously stopping the holy knights from escaping had now enveloped me. With the Death Knight's alarming speed, I was unable to do anything. Holy spells that did not require me to chant its incantation would not help me out of this oppressive dark aura barrier.

Seeing as I was going to be chopped to pieces by the Death Knight, I was grasping at straws when a spell suddenly came to mind. With the surrounding dark aura so thick, I probably won't even have to chant its incantation for it to work……

"Bone Prison!"

A simple, crude cage made entirely out of bones sprung up between the Death Knight and I.

I used it! Oh, oh oh! I used the necromancer spells that Pink had taught me!

Dear Heavens, I'm going to turn into a necromancer! No! I'm the Sun Knight, I definitely cannot use this evil magic……

Pak! Pak!

With two swipes of the Death Knight's sword, the Bone Prison had started shaking dangerously. The third swiped would probably bring the whole thing down!

"Bone Prison! Bone Prison! Bone Prison!"

I shouted out successively in one breath.

"You're wrong!" exclaimed Blaze. "That Slayer is actually……"

Oh dear! Blaze is one of my Good Warm Faction, after all. He has probably recognised me from my behaviour……

"A necromancer assassin!"

"… … … …"

A feeling of despair suddenly hit me, just as the Death Knight was nearly done slashing his way through the three Bone Prisons. I still hadn't thought up of a way to escape the dark aura, so, I had no other choice but to begin chanting an incantation while the Death Knight was still preoccupied with the Bone Prison. I then threw a Holy Light—Advanced Version at him. The Holy Light was able to disperse the surrounding dark aura, and even the Death Knight was forced to back off more than a few steps himself.

With this, they should now know that I am not some sorcerer assassin or necromancer assassin!

"It's all wrong!" gasped Blaze and all the holy knights together in unison. "Slayer is actually……"

Oh, Oh! Oh! They've finally discovered it! They might not guess that I am the Sun Knight, but they should suspect me to be one of the Twelve Holy Knights, right? I had a strange gladden feeling at this.

"Holy Assassin!"


I looked over at the chuckling Death Knight with a deadpan look. It truly is a miracle bestowed upon us today by the God of Light! Our dear holy knights were able to make even a Death Knight, filled only with dark thoughts of revenge, laugh out loud. (Can you hear my sarcasm?)

"Holy Assassin, my ass!" I shouted at them. "Do you really think the Holy Temple would retain a group of Holy Assassins in addition to Holy Knights?! I'm the Sun Knight, you idiots!"

That—was what I would have loved to shout out, but the thought of my teacher coming to personally send me off to the God of Light to be 're-educated' kept my mouth shut. I could only shout at them in my thoughts.

"Alright, that's enough! We've been watching for too long now. Even though I have no idea who that black-clothed guy is, I don't think he's an enemy. Now let's go and defeat the Death Knight together." Blaze shouted at his knights.

"Yes!" The holy knights answered enthusiastically.

I nodded my head. With me, Blaze and the rest of the holy knights, we should be able to defeat this Death Knight.

At that moment, the Death Knight suddenly sent a charge of dark aura between me and the rest of the holy knights, succeeding in separating us.

Oh no. I was just about to send out another Bone Prison before chanting the incantation for the Holy Light again to disperse the dark aura, when the Death Knight suddenly spoke up.

"Creus, you've become stronger. That's good."

I stilled at my name. My name may not be a secret, but hardly anyone calls me by that name. Does this Death Knight really know me?

"Creus, if you aren't chosen to become the Sun Knight, becoming a priest is not bad either! That way you can help to heal my wounds in the future. "

The Death Knight blandly threw out these few sentences. They were seemingly irrelevant to the current situation.

But these sentences were startlingly familiar to me…… I was stunned. For the first time I took a close look at the Death Knight's face. Even though his face was ash grey and his eyes were fiery flames; that serious expression of his and those thin lips were, oh, so familiar. I finally recognised him…… or I guess I should say-who he was.

"Roland? You're Roland?" I asked, shocked and upset at the thought. How could it be Roland?!

Roland. He was one of the contenders for the position of the next Sun Knight, the little brown haired knight with three times my skill at sword fighting……

And who was now a Death Knight.

"You still remember me," smiled Roland contently.

With this smile, I was even more convinced that he really was Roland. I wanted to ask him, ask how he could have become a Death Knight, when we were interrupted by a noise.

"Judge! Hurry, he's here……"

Roland had also heard this; he turned to run, but then hesitated and looked back at me, fear and wariness in his eyes.

I was torn. A voice inside cried out at me: 'Stop him! Even if you can't defeat him, stalling him until Judge gets here should be a simple task.

'Judge is very strong. With him and his holy knights that are sure to be following him, as well as Blaze and his holy knights-even if I were to stay out of the fight-they would definitely be able to kill the Death Knight here and now. I am the Sun Knight, no matter who he may be, this Death Knight is still my enemy.'

By now, the Judge Knight Division could be seen.

Roland could not stay any longer and had turned to run.

I stood there dazedly for a few seconds as I watched him run further and further away, before turning and running away too, to avoid being caught by Judge Knight.


I am the Sun Knight, but at the same time I am also Creus. If I have to uphold the Sun Knight's principles and kill this Death Knight, then I should at least be allowed to choose how I kill him.

Roland, this I swear to you, I will find out who had tortured you, and I will exact revenge for you.


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Good Warm Faction

Good Warm Faction