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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Book 3: Rule C – The Twelve Holy Knights’ Third Shared Rule: “No matter how lame/foolish the Sun Knight looks, never ever provoke his wrath.”

*Disclaimer note: This is merely a translation of the original Chinese version. I do not claim any part in the creation of the original story.


Royal Palace of Moon Orchid


An ear-piercing scream pierced through the quiet night, coming from Princess Alice's room.

Princess Ann and a group of knights burst into Princess Alice's room, but was greeted with the sight of her royal highness crouched on the ground, sobbing and burying her face in her hands. When she heard them burst into her room, she shrieked in a panicked tone, "Get out! All of you get out!!"

The knights looked at each other in confusion, but upon seeing no one else in the room, they turned to look at Princess Ann who nodded her head, dismissing them.

Ann walked over to her distressed sister's side and asked carefully, "Sis, what's wrong? Was it a spider?"

Alice just shook her head, not saying a word.

Ann grew more worried and said, "I'll go and get someone--"

"Don't go!" Alice hurriedly stopped her sister.

Ann paused. 'Don't do this, don't do that. Just what was wrong with her?'

"Sis, you're really worrying me like this," she said exasperatedly. "No matter what it is you have to tell me so I can help you."

Alice slowly lowered her hands and looked up, but upon seeing her sister's stunned face, she burst into tears again and started wailing.

Ann had a strange expression on her face and she asked in bewilderment, "Sister, your face…… why is it so dark? Wasn't it just fine this morning?"

"I had just finished wiping off my facial mask, when I looked at myself in the mirror and saw my face and screamed…… My skin……" she sobbed.

'Cheh! So it's just this little problem?' Even though her face had turned darker, it wasn't that bad. Ann looked at her sister, not knowing whether to cry or laugh. "I've told you not to play around with all those facial creams. You see now? Now you've gone and used some questionable cream and ruined your fair complexion!"

"How can it be?! I had carefully followed the instructions!"

Alice hurriedly showed her sister the instructions for whitening cream that the Sun Knight had given her.

"'Sand, Evening primrose petals, Root from a Venus-fly trap, Essence of Skunkweed, Yellow Ochre, Unripe Raspberries and black squid Ink. Ground all ingredients together before adding in ochre and ink. Heat up the mixture to 100 degree before applying to skin. Time it for about three hours before washing off,'" read Alice.

Staring down at the strange instructions, Ann could hardly believe her sister actually dared to apply them to her face. After a moment, her expression turned even stranger and she asked her sister carefully, "Sis, where did you say you got this from?"

Alice answered without trying to hide anything, "From the Sun Knight. His skin is so soft and smooth and fair, there shouldn't have been any problems!"

'I knew it……' Ann smiled wryly and said, "Sis, why don't you try piecing together all the capital letters?"

Realising that something was up, Alice quickly looked down and read out, "S E R V E S Y O U R I G H T…… 'Serves you right'! Aahhhh!!!"

The liche lost a body, Solerwaith had been beaten to an inch of his life, and now even she herself had not escaped his wrath……

Alice's screams continued to ring through the royal palace for three days and three nights.

"Sun Knight!! You shameless despicable bastard!!!"


One day, Leaf carefully opened another letter from his dearly beloved Ann.


My Dear Leaf,

What you said to me about the Twelve Holy Knight's Third Shared Rule: 'No matter how lame/foolish the Sun Knight looks, never ever provoke his wrath' is so true! After continuously treating her face with various whitening creams for a month, my sister's skin has yet to recover even a little and is still as dark as ever.

Because her lover's injuries were mostly healed by the Sun Knight, he was able to return to the Church of Chaos and back here again to propose very quickly. However, my sister dared not appear before him before she regains her previously fair skin, and she dared not accept his proposal for the same reason. She is now crying in her room every day. But even if she were to cry every single day, her skin still won't turn fair again.

Ahh!! That Sun Knight is sooo scary! Leaf, make sure you don't provoke him! If you do, quickly escape and come over here. I'll ask Michael to hide you in the church of War. Maybe that way you could evade his wrath.

Praying that you never ever get on the Sun Knight's bad side,

Your Ann.


End of Third Volume


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Evening Primrose,

Root from a

Venus-fly trap,

Essense of







Raspberries and black squid


Ground all ingredients before adding in ochre and ink.

Heat up the mixture to 100 degree Celsius before applying to skin.

Time it for about three hours before washing off.


  1. Just out of curiousity, how did the 'recipe' work in orignal chinese? Did you have to tweak it alot?

  2. I can't begin to describe how happy you have made me with this... THERE WERE TWO MISTAKES THOUGH

    1.'I knew it……' Alice smiled wryly and said, "Sis, why don't you try piecing together all the capital letters?" that Alice, is supposed to be Ann

    2.End of Second Volume

    you were probably waaaay to fired up, for not noticing this mistakes ^_^

  3. Siguusa: Yeah. The original hidden message was deciphered from the first character (word) in each sentence and said something along the lines of "Serves you right for killing Leaf!"

    The original 'recipe' said "seaweed, scorched earth, mud, sand, green pepper and tuberose; Stir-fry and apply for three hours."

  4. Anon: Oh, haha. thanks for pointing that out. And it was such obvious mistakes! Anyway, thanks, I've corrected them.

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  25. At the moment, there are 7 books in the Sun Knight series, with fans waiting eagerly for the last book.

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  30. In all 7 books, Sun has yet to restore his sight.

    Web: Sure, feel free to translate them. Just, I hope there would be a link back to my blog?

    Anon: Yes, there's only 8 volumes. But there's an extra volume about Neo and Alstair's meeting and adventures. And several mini side stories about the Twelve Holy Knights. :)
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    OMG. there are already three teasers for LSK volume 8, and i can't read them! i'm dying to know what they're about (esp. the third, since it's from sun's pov?).

    btw what language are the novels written in? i know the author is taiwanese.

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