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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Book 2: Duty 3 – The Sun Knight’s Third Duty: “Take care of the undead creatures”

*Disclaimer note: This is merely a translation of the original Chinese version. I do not claim any part in the creation of the original story.



I kicked open Pink's wooden door, but I did not see Pink. Instead, I saw someone else…… no, I mean, something else.

Roland might have the flame eyes of a Death Knight, but he is no ordinary Death Knight. No, in addition to the flames eyes, his pale corpse was covered with black flame markings, and he had a pair of clawed leathery black wings growing out from his back; a heavy and black dark aura surrounding him.

He is specifically highlighted in all the undead creatures books, the one they all warned never to be allowed to be born, for he could summon whole armies of undead creatures; he is the strongest and most powerful of all undead creatures; he is the Death Lord; he is……

He is--wearing a pink apron and holding a mop as he diligently mops the floor clean.

"Roland. What the hell are you doing?" I asked emotionlessly.

Roland calmly raised his head to look at me, and then answered my question seriously. "I am mopping the floor."

I was speechless for a moment. Just then, my stomach gave a loud growl and I suddenly exploded. I flipped over a nearby table and shouted, "What the fuck do you mean by 'mopping the floor'?! You are the general of the vast undead armies, the Death Lord! You should be outside, killing and pillaging the city, slaughtering innocents left and right and leaving behind a river of blood and bodies in your wake! Have you forgotten that you are a Death Lord?!"

Roland was stunned by my outburst as he looked between the fallen table and me, before frowning. "Creus, you are the Sun Knight."

At that moment, Pink walked out from a door, holding a lollipop in her hand. She shook her head and sighed, "My, my. What is the world coming to? A Death Lord who quietly mops floors indoors, while the Sun Knight is demanding him to go out on a homicidal rage."

"Don't say that, Pink. Creus is a pretty decent Sun Knight……" Roland said seriously.

The moment I saw Pink I charged over towards her and snatched away her lollipop before desperately licking it. "How sweet! So sweet and tasty!"


Pink was stunned by my actions for a second, before bursting into tears. She pounded at me and tried to snatch back the lollipop, but she was too short to reach it. In the end, she gave up on hopping up to reach it and instead started sobbing instead, "Sun, you big meanie! Give me back my lollipop! Sob, sob!"

Roland was clearly taken aback by the scene unfolding in front of him, but he then turned and scolded me, "Creus, as a Sun Knight you shouldn't steal a little girl's candy. That's just not right."

I gave another lick to the lollipop as I refuted him. "What? I don't see any girl here. I only see the corpse of a dead girl. A corpse doesn't need to eat any candy! As the Sun Knight I simply
cannot allow such a waste of good food to happen right in front of me, now can I?"

Roland frowned at that, unable to refute my statement.

After seeing that tears wouldn't work on me Pink immediately stopped crying and accused, "You would allow a Death Lord and a necromancer to walk about in front of you, yet you cannot abide the wasting of a little lollipop? Roland, and you just called this candy stealing thief a decent Sun Knight?!"

But Roland didn't seem to hear her, absorbed in his contemplations on whether stealing a corpse's candy is the right thing to do or not.


Pink then slowly began floating up as a heavy dark aura swirled portentously around her, her hair swaying in an invisible breeze. She said ominously, "Sun, I'm warning you. If you don't return the lollipop to me this
instance, I'll make sure you regret it for the rest of your miserably short life."

Even though the city's strongest necromancer (and also the only necromancer) was getting into such a wrathful mode right in front of me, I still coolly licked the lollipop and said unhurriedly, "Frost mentioned that he's going to make strawberry ice cones. Do you want them?"

"Of course!!!"

Right away Pink dropped back to the ground and clutched my leg, her shining doe-like eyes looking at me pleadingly. The only thing missing to complete the picture would be a wagging tail.

I humph and said haughtily, "Then the lollipop…?"

"Well of course you can have it! We've known each other for such a long time, our relationship is as deep as the rot on a decades old grave! What's a little lollipop between you and me? If you so desired I would even give you a newly dead ultra-fresh corpse!" Pink said with infinite sincerity.

'Urgh! Who wants your fresh corpse? Stop saying such disgusting things, I'm still eating here! Now you've gone and reminded me of when I had to repay my debt with digging up corpses for you. Urgh! I'd probably seen every stage of rotting corpses, and then some.'

"You guys……" Roland suddenly spoke up questioningly.

I kindly explained it to him, "Don't worry, Roland. Even when we had our worst argument, Pink had merely thrown me out of the house, sending me flying several meters and only knocking down a row of houses. That's a far cry from making me 'regret it for the rest of my miserably short life'."

Pink was quick to complain, "Hey, don't make it sound as if it was completely one-sided. After throwing you out hadn't you immediately come running back and completely destroying the house and my cleaning corpse! It took me a long time before I was able to return the house to just the way it was before."

Roland frowned and asked, "So, you guys aren't going to duel it out?"

"Why would we duel it out?" asked both Pink and I as we stared at Roland with wide eyes.

Roland then said with a serious expression, "Well, you two were fighting over the lollipop, and since we can't determine who is right or wrong, you should duel it out to see who gets the lollipop!"

'Are you kidding me?! The Sun Knight and a necromancer duelling over a measly lollipop?! We would become the laughing stock of the city!'

Pink and I immediately shouted, "We were joking!!"

At that, Roland just shook his head at us as if we were two unruly children and turned away from us. Ignoring us, he reached out to flip back the overturned table to its proper spot before picking up the mop and continue his mopping.

I seriously have no idea what is going on in that head of his. The great and fearsome Death Lord mopping the floor?? And with such a serious expression too, as if mopping a floor is as significant as slaying a dragon. And what was with that just now, me and Pink duelling over a lollipop?...... How is it possible for Roland to have become even more serious than when he was a kid??

As I thought about it, I wondered if I would be seeing in the future many scenes where the great Death Lord is reduced to mopping, dusting, doing the laundry-or even sewing clothes!

'Dear God! I would rather see him sewing a person's mouth shut than to see him sewing clothes!'

As said scenes continued to assault my mind, I hastily turned to Pink in protest, "Why are you making Roland mop the floor? He is a Death Lord, for God's sake, not one of your lowly cleaning corpses."

"Whoever said that I had forced him?! I had only commented that the floor was dirty, when he himself took it upon himself to start mopping!" Pink argued back, but under my suspicious stare she relented, "I may have said it several times."

I stared at her even harder disbelievingly.

"Maybe it was about a hundred times or so…… Ok, fine, I said it at least five hundred times, alright! So stop staring at me!"

'I knew it!'

While Roland cannot be said to be a lazy person, he is someone obsessed with sword practicing. You would have an easier time trying to get me to put down the lollipop I'm holding right now than to get him to put down his sword and do something else.

Pink huffed over to a chair covered with strawberry motifs and reached under to pull out a brand new lollipop. She gave it a satisfied lick before recalling something. She turned to me and asked smugly, "Sun, the special effects I made for you last time was pretty good huh? No one had seen through it and realised that Roland hadn't actually continued on to the afterlife, right?"

"No, but…… Judge might know something," I said hesitantly.

Pink immediately cleared herself of all responsibilities. "That has nothing to do with me. It must be because he knows you too well."

"The Judge Knight?" Roland stopped mopping and asked. He then said earnestly, "His sword skills are pretty good. If it's possible I would like to have a spar with him some time."

"Don't go bothering the Judge Knight!!" Pink and I shouted in unison.

Pink then gravely warned Roland, "Judge is completely different from Sun. He is a real and proper Judge Knight. If he were to notice you running around the city he would definitely catch you."

'Hey! Are you calling me a fake?' I rolled my eyes in annoyance.

Roland looked down at his cold, pale-and most importantly dead-hands and sighed, "I understand, I won't step a foot outside."

'Roland……' I sighed. Even though I had saved Roland from the fate of being barbequed by the Holy Temple, being cooped up indoors together with an annoying necromancer (who would go so far as to comment on the dirty floor more than five hundred times just to get him to mop the floor) cannot be fun. Perhaps to Roland he would rather be burned to ashes than to have to endure this different kind of torture.

"Pink, can you lend the Life Ring to Roland? I'll use my holy aura to mask his dark aura, this way I can bring him out without letting others find out about his true identity."

Upon hearing this, Roland's eyes lit up with hope and eagerness. 'Looks like he really has been cooped up for too long,' I thought.

Pink's eyes had lit up even brighter as she shouted in agreement, "OK! But I want to go out too!"

'What are you butting in for?' I rolled my eyes at her. However when I looked at Pink and her pouting face-as if saying 'if you don't let me come along, don't even think of getting out the front door'……

Sigh! Why does it feel as if I am leading a tour group? And an 'undead creatures tour group' at that? ......

Oh God of Light! Please make sure that I do not bump into the Judge Knight, or I just might become the first Sun Knight to experience the Judge Knight's various torture methods.

"Sun! You are really stupid!"

Pink had probably guessed at my predicament and said matter-of-factly, "you could just become 'Slayer', couldn't you? Even if we were to be found out, as long as you are assuming the identity of Slayer, the Sun Knight would not be connected to us in any way!"

'That's right!' I exclaimed in surprise, "I hadn't realized that the Dragon's Holy Robe could be used in this manner!"

"Duh! Why else did you think I gave you the Dragon's Holy Robe?"

"Didn't you give it to me so I could kidnap the Duke of Ceylan's third son?" I asked suspiciously.

"Of course not! Something so simple as kidnapping someone would not require the use of such a rare and precious artefact!"

"Then the real reason you gave it to me was……?"

"Of course it's so you can do bad things with me!" said Pink matter-of-factly.

"… …"


To complete the disguise of an ordinary person, other than putting on the Life Ring, Roland had changed out of his usual clothes and into a set of battle outfit and armour that Pink just happened to have lying around.

The outfit was rather simple and unadorned, resilient and unrestrictive. On the chest was a design of a pair of wings, and magic runes were stitched into the hem of the sleeves. I could faintly feel the repressed aura of wind element coming from the runes-looks like wearing this outfit would help increase the wearer's speed and agility.

And the armour was nothing to scoff at either; it was made in a simple style and so well-polished that I could see myself reflected in it. It, too, had magic runes carved onto it.

I frowned and asked suspiciously, "I seem to have seen this wing motif on the battle outfit somewhere before."

"Ho ho! You're pretty observant, Sun. This outfit was in fact worn by the Tornado Knights of the human faction in the Second Great Demon Hunt."

I hit my fist in my other hand, saying, "No wonder! I must have seen this outfit in one of the Holy Temple's wall mural. And this-this armour looks rather familiar too."

"Of course it is. That armour is the very same one worn by the Tornado Knights' captain!"

"Then it goes without saying that this armour is a pretty high quality one."

"Duh!" said Pink smugly. "Every single thing I own is anything but common--ah!"

I had pinched Pink's cheeks painfully and said through gritted teeth, "You idiot corpse! I really don't know how long this body of yours has been dead-not only is your body thoroughly rotted, but even your brain has rotted away to nothing! Why are you giving this top level armour outfit to Roland to wear? How can he blend in with the rest whilst wearing this? We are only going out for a stroll on the streets; we are not going out on a demon hunt!"

"But I only have this kind of outfits!" sobbed Pink pitifully as she gingerly touched her red cheeks.

"I'll just wear my own clothes," Roland said, making a move to change back to his usual outfit.

I gave a long sigh and said, "You can't. Your clothes are so ragged and torn; you'll attract everyone's attention like that too."

Roland answered me seriously, "Not at all, I've already sewn the torn pieces back together."

"… …"

I turned to Pink and said, "Pink, next time I visit I'll definitely knock before coming in. So if Roland happens to be sewing clothes, or doing something even weirder than sewing at that time, please don't open the door."


After changing back into his own clothes, Roland looked much more normal. Even though his clothes are a little old and patched, he should blend in well with all the other scruffy-looking warriors often seen walking in the streets, so he should be fine. Instead, it is I who stand out in my Dragon's Holy Robe outfit.

I don't know what kind of magic she did, but Pink was able to change her pink-coloured skin to a normal skin tone; and with a black mage's outfit on she actually looked like an ordinary looking girl.

'Darn it! I should be the most normal person among this group, yet now I look the weirdest.'

"But a Sun Knight like you isn't really considered to be normal," Pink mumbled under her breath.

I sent a glare at Pink before saying, "Even though it is just a stroll along the streets, we may never know what might happen. Therefore, let's first get our stories straight before going out. We'll pretend to be siblings who have left home to go on an adventure."

Roland will be the big brother and a warrior. We could have said that he was a knight, but if someone were to ask where his horse is-as all knights ride on horses-he can't really summon out his demonic horse to show them, now can he? So, it is much safer to just say that he is a warrior.

I will be the second brother. Everyone need only look at my skin-tight outfit and facemask to know that I am an assassin.

Pink would, of course, be our little sister who is just beginning to learn to be a mage.

But in actuality, our ages are the reverse. I mean, look at that battle armour from the Second Demon Hunt, Pink is definitely older than she appears to be. And even though Roland and I are the of same age, I am actually older than him by a few months. Moreover, he would have stopped aging after he died, so I'm now even older.

I had contested my role of being younger brother, but……

"I'm older than Roland, why do I have to be the younger brother?"

"Because you're shorter than him."

"Only by a few centimetres! Besides, not all older brothers are taller than their younger brothers. That's just a stereotype!"

"Because you're weaker than him."

"Says who? With the Dragon's Holy Robe, my abnormally strong self-recovery ability, and my knowledge of magic and necromancer spells all combined together, I should be stronger than him! Err…… I should be, right?"

"Because you don't look as dependable as him."

"In what way do I look less dependable than him? My smile was even nominated as the expression that put people at ease the most…… What? Someone with black hair and silver highlights, wears a face mask and a skin-tight black outfit? Well of course he would look like a suspicious person!"

In the end, my appeal failed and I had to quietly accept my role as younger brother.

So, after agreeing to our individual roles the three of us left to walk on the streets. As soon as we left the little house, Roland began looking panicky, and as we joined the more popular and crowded streets, he hesitated before gathering his courage and followed us into the crowd, all the while looking left and right nervously.

"People have taken note of me, I keep feeling people's gazes on me," said Roland worriedly, frowning. "I think I've been found out, maybe we should just go back."

'People are looking at Roland?' I frowned and surreptitiously looked around, instantly noticing those sneaking glances at Roland. There! Those women peeking from the windows, and the groups of giggling girls, and even a few bold women who winked as they passed by us.

"Don't worry, it's just a bunch of women admiring a handsome man," I assured Roland before adding sourly, "But if I weren't wearing my mask, I would definitely attract more admirers!"

"Oh don't be sad, Su-Slayer! There are a lot of people looking at you too!" Pink patted my hand comfortingly. "Look there on the left, a group of holy knights are looking at you up and down! And over there on the right, a knight is staring at you! Oh and-and, over there in the corner, a few priests are sneaking glances at you!"

I had cheered up at Pink's words and had turned to look where she pointed, but instead of the giggling girls I expected, I saw a bunch of men looking me up and down with suspicion in their eyes…… I turned back to Pink in anger and growled, "That's because I look so suspicious!"

Understanding dawned on Pink's face as she said, "Oh, I see. I thought it was strange how only men were looking at you. I had thought that Roland was a chick magnet while you are a 'dick magnet'!"

'Damn you! Who are you calling a dick magnet?!' I said to her threateningly, "...... do you believe that I know all your hiding places where you keep your stash of strawberry candies?"

Not to be outdone, Pink retorted, "Do you believe that I can turn your hair black with silver highlights permanently?"

I quickly shielded my hair and yelled back, "You just try it and you can kiss Frost's strawberry ice cones goodbye. For-ever!"

"You meanie! You're such a sneaky underhanded meanie!" Pink stomped her foot in anger and before pulling out her short mage staff on me.

'Hmph! I won't lose to the likes of you!'

I immediately exchanged 200ml of blood for a dagger and pointed it at Pink……

I hate to admit it, but Pink's short mage staff and my short dagger pointed at each made a rather ridiculous picture and not at all impressive. I could already hear a few people sniggering behind me.

Sprouting Leaf City's law enforcement is very strict. Even drawing out weapons would bring a squad of knights running to intervene and stop the two fighting parties. Yet now, even with so many holy knights and royal knights around us, no one seemed to be bothered to stop us…… 'Hey! Don't look down on us like this! Just because our weapons are a little small it doesn't mean that we aren't dangerous!'

At this moment, Roland backed away a few steps.

Both Pink and I turned to look at him and asked in unison, "Roland, why are you backing away?"

Roland replied matter-of-factly, "To give you enough room for your duel."

"What? Who's duel?" I asked blankly.

"Yours and Pink's," he replied. "You have both taken your positions and are ready to start your duel. You will now settle the dispute between yourselves with your swords, as in accordance with the knight's code of honour."

I looked down at the dagger I held, and then at Pink's short mage staff. From whence came 'our swords'?

Pink looked down at her mage outfit, then at my assassin's outfit, and said a little embarrassedly, "Slayer and I aren't knights so how can you say 'in accordance with the knight's code of honour'?"

By now the sniggering had turned into full-blown laughter, and the holy knights who had previously been looking at me with suspicion were bent over with laughter. Upon seeing this sight, I was suddenly immensely grateful that they did not know my real identity-the Sun Knight.

A few knights walked up to us, laughing as they said, "I'm so sorry to interrupt your 'knight's duel', hahaha… but it is prohibited to fight on the streets."

"This is not a fight, this is a duel," Roland corrected seriously.

The knights snorted and started laughing again at his reply, and the watching crowd's laughter became even louder.

"In all my twenty-three years I've lived, I've never been so humiliated," I said, feeling like crying.

Pink, too, lowered her head and said, "Yeah, in all my two thousand three—Ahem! I mean, in all my years, I've never been this humiliated either."

Just then a shout pierced through the crowd's laughter, "What's going on here?"

I turned only to see a whole troop of holy knights. What's worse, I could see the badge of a sun worn on their chests…… my Sun Knight Division!

All twenty-five of them were present, even my vice-captain Adair was among them. Seeing them fully armed and marching in such an organised manner, it doesn't seem like they are merely out for a stroll, nor do they look like they are planning to gang up on someone…… could it be that this month is the Sun Knight Division's turn to patrol the streets?

This is bad news!

My Sun Knight Division's specialty is in dealing with the undead, and so they are much more sensitive towards any hint of dark aura. Furthermore, they were present at the Royal Palace and had seen Roland's face. Even though Roland looks like a normal live person right now, he doesn't actually look all that different from his Death Knight appearance. He could easily be recognised by one of them.

I couldn't help checking on the holy light enveloping Roland, making sure that his dark aura was tightly sealed away with not a hint of it leaking through.

At this moment the holy knights standing in the corner and laughing at us earlier swiftly approached my division and reported the situation in a respectful tone.

Upon hearing their report the Sun Knight Division's stern faces relaxed a little, and so did I. Looks like we managed to fool them, I thought in relief. But just then I caught sight of my vice-captain Adair walking out from amongst the troop of knights and stopping in front of Roland. He scrutinised Roland before asking casually, "You are a holy knight?"

"No, I am a knight." Roland answered honestly.

'Hey, Roland! Hadn't we agreed on our story earlier? You are a warrior!'

"Is that so?" Adair then gave a cold laugh before asking ominously, "Then why is it that there is a holy aura all around you?"

No sooner was Adair's question out his mouth when the other twenty-four Sun Division holy knights immediately formed a circle around us, trapping the three of us in.

How annoying! I shouldn't have kept ordering them to gang up on people. Now their speed and familiarity in ganging up around people is so quick and practiced that even I wasn't able to react before realizing that they had already trapped us.

As the saying goes, 'You reap what you sow'.

I really, really hope I'm not going to have to experience firsthand the skills my division had acquired at my directions.

Adair slowly drew his sword as he explained to the rest, "If the holy aura isn't coming from you, then it can only mean one thing-the holy aura is wrapped around your body to cover up something else, a dark aura for example."

I now realised that having a vice-captain who is too smart is not necessarily a good thing. Now this'll be even harder to get out of.

"So what if it's covering up a dark aura?" Pink suddenly asked. "Is covering up a dark aura against the law?"

Adair was pretty patient and answered, "Covering up one's dark aura certainly isn't against the law, but those with a dark aura are usually bad news, such as-the undead."

"Then what about followers of the Chaos Church religion?" asked Pink, lifting her head in defiance. "Are you saying that the Church of Chaos' dark knights are bad news too?"

Dark knights?

Aha! What a great move! Why hadn't I thought of that? The only type of knight with a dark aura is the dark knight of the Church of Chaos.

Upon hearing this reply, even Adair was taken aback. His reaction is not surprising as the Church of Chaos is a long way from here. Even though I knew of their existence, I had never seen them before.

Adair frowned and asked doubtfully, "You are a dark knight? Then why do you cover up your dark aura?"

Roland frowned, unable to answer him. I bet he has no idea what we are talking about. This guy doesn't care about anything that's not related to sword fighting.

But again, Pink answered for him, saying mockingly, "'cause there're a lot of prejudiced dummies out there who think that anything with a dark aura is an undead creature!"

The surrounding holy knights bristled angrily at her mocking tone, but the one who had been insulted-Adair did not seem to get angry at all. He merely frowned as he thought it over for a while before saying to Roland, "Please remove the holy aura around you."

Hearing this, I dithered for a while before finally deciding to take a chance and hope that Pink's Life Ring would be enough to dupe them.

I removed the holy aura from around Roland. To other people, Roland might look completely unchanged, but to the Sun Division, they could right away sense the faint wisps of dark aura coming from him, tensing as their expressions turned grave.

Adair frown and thought over the problem for quite some time when his gaze suddenly sharpened. I was immediately alarmed, and followed his gaze to…… the sword hanging at Roland's waist! It was the very same sword that had slashed me back then when Roland came to say 'hi'.

Adair then lifted his gaze and stared at Roland's face. If he still hasn't figured out that Roland was the very same Death Lord they had been chasing not too long ago, then I'll seriously start to doubt my judgement in choosing him to be my vice-captain.

However, I am confident in my judgement, and so I had already started thinking up ways to escape. Perhaps I should take my own vice-captain hostage? But Adair's sword skills are pretty good. If I were to fail in taking him hostage and was instead apprehended by him, how can I face him after this and continue being the captain of my Sun Division, his superior?

"You can go."

'Fine! I'll just have to ask Roland to take him hostage then…… Huh?' I was dumbfounded. 'What did you just say, Adair?'

The rest of the Sun Division asked him worriedly, "Adair, you sure about this? Shouldn't we get the Captain and ask him about this case?"

Adair just shook his head and said, "No need. Let's go. We still have to finish our patrol and then carry out the Captain's orders afterwards."

'Huh? What orders?' I blinked clueless. 'Had I given out any orders recently?'

As Adair had been in charge of the Sun Knight Division for several years now, none of the Sun holy knights protested his decision, and they immediately returned to their original patrolling formation and left us, marching away in a surprisingly neat and disciplined formation.

If I hadn't just seen it with my own two eyes I would never have believed that my Sun Knight Division could be so neat and disciplined. Adair really is awesome! What great judgement I have!

But what exactly are they going off to do? I don't remember giving Adair any instructions? And he had obviously recognised Roland, yet as the Sun Knight Division's vice-captain, is he actually allowing a Death Lord to run about freely in the city?

Perhaps I did not understand my vice-captain as well as I thought?

"Sun, are we going to follow after them?" Pink asked quietly, her eagerness painted quite clearly on her face.

I pondered about it. No, it's impossible to follow behind them with Roland without them noticing. No matter his own dark aura or if I covered it with holy aura, my Sun Knight Division would be sure to notice it.

"No, today we're accompanying Roland wherever he wants to go."

Upon hearing my reply, Pink looked crestfallen, but not for long. She was soon dragging Roland by the hand, looking at everything and anything that caught her fancy. As I watched Roland being dragged about by Pink, I noticed that he hardly seemed to have much interest in the things around him.

"Roland, is there any place that you would like to go?"

"Candy stores! Toy stores! Graveyards!"

I ignored the noisy little girl and asked Roland seriously, "Where would you like to go? I can bring you anywhere…… except the Church of Light."

Even if he were interested in seeing the Royal Palace, I would still have a way of showing him around the palace, but the Church of Light is the only place that I cannot bring him to. After all, that's the headquarters of the undead's sworn enemy. Even if a Death Lord were to try to enter the place he would immediately be drowned by the vast amounts of holy light coming from the place.

Roland's face looked a little disappointed at my words. 'Don't tell me he had actually entertained the thought of visiting the Church of Light?!'

My God! A necromancer without any self-consciousness running around the city is already more than enough, now there's a Death Lord who doesn't seem to be conscious of his status either. Could it be that the undead these days aren't aware of the fact that they are already dead and should avoid all things 'holy' and 'light'?

After thinking it over, Roland quietly shook his head. I sighed and said, "Then I'll just get you some new clothes, oh, and a new sword too. After all, you can't even use that sword of yours without attracting unwanted attention."

The moment that sword is drawn, its powerful dark aura would be unleashed, and then we would have to play hide and seek with a bunch of holy knights.

Roland nodded in agreement, but Pink jumped in between us and protested loudly, "Candy store!"

"Are you still going on about the candy store?" I mocked her. "The number of candy you have stashed all around your house could rival the number of corpses in a graveyard. May I remind you that you are a necromancer? For you don't seem to be very much aware of your profession."

Pink rolled her eyes at me and said impatiently, "How funny. Your magic skills are ten time better than your sword skills, your Holy Light is a hundred times stronger than your frenzy, and your necromancy skills are a thousand times better than your horsemanship. I think it is you who are the one who has the least self-awareness of your own profession, Sun-Knight!"

I couldn't say anything to defend myself.

'Am I really suited to becoming a holy knight?'

In the thirteen years that I've been a holy knight, I've asked myself that very same question at least thirteen times. (Every year after looking at the results for my sword skills, I would ask myself that question once more.)


Back then, my teacher would comfort me thus, "Child, becoming a knight was the worst career you could have chosen, and becoming a holy knight was the second
worst career. So stop feeling so sad, for at least you hadn't made the worst choice."

After comforting me so, my teacher would then comfort himself, "And thank goodness I'm your holy knight teacher, and not your knight teacher. If I had to train you up into a decent knight, I might as well kill you and let you reincarnate again into a new body. That would definitely be quicker than hoping to be able to make a knight out of you."


"Furthermore, as the leader of the holy knights, the fact that you were actually lectured by an undead necromancer and not even being able to refute her is even more disgraceful! Hmph! What a self-conscientious Sun Knight!" said Pink mockingly.

"If you don't shut up right this instance, I'm not bringing you to the candy store!" I threatened, scowling. Pink was instantly all smiles as she motioned zipping her lips.

"Let's go, let's go! If we are to go to so many places then we'll have to hurry up."

As I walked ahead of them, leading the way through the crowded streets, I was suddenly struck by a thought.

'Perhaps, bringing an undead necromancer and a Death Lord to stroll around on the streets is the most unconscientious action that I, the Sun Knight have done?'

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